Rye Field Model 1/35 T-34 D30 Self Propelled Howitzer

Time to break out the birthday present. My first Rye Field model, my first T-34 based vehicle… Build looks fairly straight forward to be honest, just seems to have 900 holes that need opening up before anything…


Looks like a really cool kit!
Cant wait for more.

Looking forward to seeing this progress.


Have you thought about joining the T-34/85 campaign?

oohhh didn’t know there was one, doing it for the Forgotten War campaign

actually that is a July->July one so this will be done well before then

Tuned in and watching, I have been on and off getting this kit for months…

Great kit, but very disappointing that RFM didn’t include so sort of partial interior given the gaping view through the open turret ring. Either need to cover with a tarp or cobble together something from a resin aftermarket kit. I thought about using a Miniart interior from one of their T-34/85s, but you would pretty much need to replace the entire hull since Miniart molds lots of the interior parts on the lower hull plate.

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I plan on using an interior from a AFV Club kit

We changed it to March. Will still following along with your build.

if it is March I am in …

Outstanding, welcome aboard.

Didn’t even think of the AFV Club kits. That will work since the interior is independent of the rest of the kit. Guess I need to search out an AFV Club kit!

so box cracked open and started. As the turret isn’t there, and there is a large hole, I decided some sort of basic interior needed to be done. Started with the engine bulkhead. Used primeportal, track-links and a miniart T-34 build to try to work out how it should look


more progress… no evidence that the floor was like that but decided they would have it raised to allow control cables/rods to run without interfering with the crew… Also started on the front- assume they are some sort of fire extinguisher. Next up, seats and VERY rough control levers…


It’s a nice kit. I’m looking forward to your build.

Would it help if I sent you the AFV Clubs instructions for their interior?

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that would be a good extra reference yes please


perfect thanks - of course they are also available on the good old scalemates :wink: