Rye Fields M1A1 with Polish and Ukrainian markings

I was looking at Rye Fields M1A1 with Polish and Ukrainian markings and noticed that thewre are differences between each version in the kit the A1 in Polish markings appear to be former USMC M1A1
while thew one in Ukrainian markings has the original gps doghouse with the angled rear
see attached pic so could it be safe to assume the Ukrainain M1A1 are Pre M1A1 heavy armor variant as portrade by the Tamiya kit?

I doubt it. I don’t think any of that old version exists any more. Below is supposedly an M1A1 SA headed to Ukraine. It looks like it could be a former USMC tank with replaced smoke launchers and CSWS. We won’t know for sure until we see a few on the battlefield.

From here almost two weeks ago.

Definitely a Marine M1A1SA; it’s fitted with the Stabilized Commander’s Weapon Station (SCWS) and the Marine Smoke dischargers were replaced with the US Army M250 Smoke Dischargers.

So RyeFields has it all wrong then for the Ukrainian version then?

Looking at the box art

They could’vereboxed the M1A1 FEP kit (5048) and replaced the Pearson engineering Dozer Blade with the Kontak ERA bricks. The Polish version is definitely an M1A1 SA with all the bells and whistles, while the Ukrainian version is more simplified and omits some upgrades.

Again, this is all speculation on my part.

This is what the new Polish M1A2 Abrams look like. Painted in CARC 383 (NATO) Green BTW.

As you see the Ukrainian version has the older version of the GPS housing

I see I cant wait for the VOIIO As sep V.3 to come out and build 3 one in US ,1 in Polish and I in ROC markings

Maybe, maybe not. Until we see some actually in Ukraine, we won’t know for sure. My guess is yes though. I don’t think they will have the old GPS doghouse.

I just had this RFM kit delivered today and I was looking over the instructions.

Polish variant appears to be the USMC version in the RFM instructions and the Ukrainian version seems to be the earlier (AIM ?) M1A1….it’s a bit confusing. Polish version are green line drawings.

Which smoke discharges are correct? They appear to be the army type in the photos above….

Based on the above posted (and reposted below) photo of an M1A1 SA supposedly on its way to Ukraine, I would say the Army 6-shot grenade launcher and later (square back) GPS is correct. But, like I said above, until we see pics of actual Ukranian Abrams tanks on the battlefield in Ukraine, we won’t know for sure.


I’m working on the same RFM M1A1 as you and im wondering about the additional bustle rack and the blue force tracker mounted on the side of the GPS housing as far as color goes im doing over all NATO green

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I’m going to attempt a Polish version like this:

(Pic swiped from @SableLiger above)

Although they’re not shown in the instructions for the RFM Ukrainian/Polish kit, I’m sure I’ve got spares (or they may even be on an included J sprue; haven’t looked) it appears that the lower armored shields for the loaders hatch are needed from the picture above.

Instructions another RFM M1 kit:


here is a pic of my RFM Ukrainian M1A1 SA i didnt put the blue force tracker on as i wasnt sure the Ukrainians are using it so as for what you post i need to add it and as for the armor shield by the loaders hatch i had one from Drangon’s M1A2 SEP V.2


I doubt the Ukrainian version would have the BFT, so you’re good. The Polish version will definitely have the BFT.

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It looks like Poland is initially getting M1A1 FEPs as well.

The below article shows the first delivery of 14 Polish M1A1s. They are rebuilt to zero-hour ex-USMC M1A1 FEPs (Fire Enhancement Package), which means that they have the CSWS (Commander’s Stabilized Weapons Station), loader’s lower side shield, intercom box and NATO slave adaptor box on the rear, rear bustle rack APU, folding extended rear bustle basket, and internal computer / digital upgrades. They are the first 14 of 116 M1A1 FEPs purchased. Another 250 M1A2 Abrams SEP v3 will follow starting in 2024.

https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news … m1a1-tanks

My guess is that once Poland starts receiving the M1A2 SEP v3s, these M1A1 FEPs will be transferred to Ukraine as they are also receiving M1A1 FEPs right now.

1.jpg (85.74KiB)
2 .jpg (92.61KiB)
3.jpg (125.07KiB)

This pic confirms the above statement.

The above M1A1 FEPS sitting on the docks do not have smoke launchers installed. I found the below video that shows them in Poland training, and they have the 8-shot USMC launchers on them.


With the M1’s, plus the Leopards and the batch of Korean K2’s already ordered, the PT-91 and PT-16 … that’s going to be a logistical nightmare, and probably the largest tank army in Europe.

You have to consider that Poland is literally the tip of the NATO spear. The frontline against any possible Russian aggression beyond Ukraine. So naturally, you want to have your armored forces kitted up with the most advanced vehicles you can find.

Well the Baltic states are even closer to Russia than Poland, specially Estonia that’s very close to St.Petersburg.
I don’t think Russia will go beyond Ukraine anyway.
The other European countries should be aware, in 2030 Poland will have more tanks than
U.K., Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy combined.

Poland might try to get territory that was lost after WW2 that now is part of Ukraine … and protect it’s Polish community .

Pt91 will soon retire and all of them will be sent to ukraine, pt-16 doesn’t exist (it was only modernization prototype). Leopards as soon as all m1 and k2 arrive will be retired or in reserve. Also m1a1 fep are most likely to be modernised to the m1a2 sepv3. In conclusion the Polish land forces will have “heavy” tank battalions with m1a2 sepv3 supported by new heavy ifv based on k9 chassis with zssw 30 turret and “medium” tank battalions with k2pl supported by light amphibious ifv borsuk.