SADF Eland 90 Mk7 (AML 90) - Noddy Car

Hi ya all,

While the paint is drying on my 1/35 Trumpeter Rooikat, I thought that I would make in roads on “Ou Boet” (Old Brother), the Eland 90 reconnaissance armoured car that preceded the Rooikat, “Klein Boet” (Baby Brother).

My build is based on the 1/35 Takom AML 90 kit, which will require significant modification. My freind got hold of a Tiger kit of the AML 90, which in my opinion is a better kit with all the additional details, interior and some more inline with the SADF variant external details.

Talking about mods, here are some images of the marked instructions and a little bit of build work and mods done.

The turret and engine bay require the most work, I will need to change the tyres and head lights as well.

Compared to the Rooikat, the Eland is crazy small. No wonder it could not keep up with the Ratels during the bush war and even scarrier that they engaged with and destroyed Soviet supplied T34-85 & T55’s manned by Angolan’s, Cuban’s & possibly Soviet Russians as there were “advisors” in evidence. Though it did normally require multiple hits with an unstabilised low pressure 90mm gun firing HEAT rounds. Utilising, shoot and scoot tacticts.

The turret of a disabled Olifant Mk1a was sent to the then Soviet Union for analysis, pretty much like the T90 been shipped to the USA for analysis.

This is an impressive little vehicle that fought well outside it weight division that deserves to be honoured in a build.

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We came in peace, so shoot to kill🖖🏼


Hi ya!

It been a busy day, managed to do some building and the Eland is coming along. I need to partly build it to implement the mods.

I’ve gotta fill in the headlight recesses as the SADF variant had fender mounted lights with bush guards. The mods are increasing as I go along.

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We come in peace, so shoot to kill!:vulcan_salute:t3:


Hi ya,

Yeah, coming along with the pre-build required to necessitate the surgery.

Engine bay is ready for scratch building.

The new end is more square and protruding. It is effectively hinged at the bottom to swing open and after decoupling from the side shafts, the engine is supposed to slide out on rails.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what I want to replicate.

Thanks for watching.
We come in peace, so shoot to kill :vulcan_salute:t3:


Hi ya,

I have been looking at the commander’s copula which is different to the standard AML90 variant.
Struggled trying to recreate the side walls from 0.35 thk plasticard strip, I may have to resort to 3D printing to replicate the Eland Mk7 copula extension + view slots.

Anyway, its all fun and games.

Thanks for watching. :vulcan_salute:t3:


I’m following this with interest. I’m eager to see the scratch built mods.



Well, I have stepped into the world of 3D printing. I had a stl file created, based on a CAD design of mine.

It looks a little too tall, but I can sand that back.

The test fit confirms it is too tall and will need to be sanded back a 1mm or so.

Definitely an improvement over the plasticard attempt.

Thanks for watching. :v: