Samurai Horseman

White Metal, 90 mm, Andrea Figures.
A little bit out of my comfort zone, but a challenge
Probably out of the box

Started to clean up the parts and glue the horse


This will be very interesting watching this one. That’s going to be a really challenging paint job Jan, best of luck with. Horse looks nice with how it’s gone together so far :+1:

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You really get to expand the palette on this one. They list 25 colors to start with.

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Why does the horse’s head kind of look weird?

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It looks like the Samurai horsemen may of trimmed their horses Manes in a certain manner and its cut short to the ears. A normal mane will go through the space in between the ears and down over the horses forehead for a short distance before it naturally stops. Also, it may of been trimmed right back to allow the bridal/headgear to be displayed more ?
Also, it looks like the horse is in full gallop which will also lift up and push the mane backwards a bit. (but it does look over exaggerated on this horse)

As Jan mentioned below, he hasnt finished the assembly yet, and the ears section is missing. I was just referring to the box art.

It’s not done, still some parts do attach.
The box art is from 2002

after a night’s sleep decided to build it completely before painting pieces, will probably annoy me at times but this would certainly be the case with painting in pieces.

There are so many dynamic pieces that I would have to assemble and then adjust afterwards that I would probably have to repaint large pieces anyway.

When assembling it now appears that this is not a kit for beginners, there is still some adjustment and sculpting involved if you want to make the piece come into its own.

The piece on the ears still needs to be adjusted


It’s a very animated pose in both the rider and horse. I do not envy you all that painting Jan :crossed_fingers:

It sure is a beautiful piece Jan- I think you’ve done the right thing in assembling it all before painting.

I estimate 40 hours, I’ve worked to put it together, adapt it and sculpt it here and there.
There are still about 30 more small pieces in the box with details, but that will make it even more difficult to paint.
So this is the compromise, the dynamic parts and connecting lines & points where adjusting later is almost impossible I have put together.
Only the helmet is not fixed, and I can also separate horse and rider.


Start painting, still a long way to go


Very very good Jan… The final finish on the horse will be interesting to see … Black’s have a unique shine to the coat when they’re ridden hard… Lovely colours so far though :+1:

WOW awesome job!!

Slow progress


Slow progress… But very very nice progress. This is going to look spectacular :+1:

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Quite Halloween appropriate colors you’ve got on it as it stands just now! Your painting is complimenting the detail nicely Jan.

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Next step


Color definitions are starting to pop really well, looks great! I like that contrast going on here, Jan.

Thanks, still a way to go

Started on the horseman