Santa's goodies

Show your Xmas presents here…
We always get ours on Christmas eve.
This is what father Christmas gave me (besides non-modelling goodies) . I must have been good this year… :christmas_tree::innocent:


Looks like Santa was good to you! Never have seen that one before (Border?) Looks cool though.
When you get a chance maybe some shots of what’s in the kit?
Merry Christmas to you and yours and a Happy New Year


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We used to open at least one the night before and sometimes all depending if my dad had to work on Christmas or not. Nice score, I have been eyeballing that kit.

This will be probably be the closest I get, my dad gave me some cash so Amazon brought me these items.

They will be used for the 1/72 diorama campaign.


Thank you so much. Me and my family wish you and your beloved ones also a very merry Christmas and a great new year.
The kit indeed is from Border models.
The package is almost just as interesting as the contents :

The instructions :

The sprues

The single link, workable tracks:

And last but not least decals, a metal barrel, PE fret, clear sprue, springs for the suspension and braided metal cable:


Useful stuff… I use the rubber brushes for applying pigments.

Thanks for the photos, I really want to get that kit. I use discarded or cheap generic paint brushes for pigments. I got these for foam and epoxy work (I think it was Piet posted using them for sand bags).

They are obviously useful for multiple purposes.

I agree and hope to use them soon.

Hoping for at least one of:

Tamiya Nashorn
Tamiya Elefant
Trumpeter KV-1
Trumpeter KV-2

Will post pics of any once we open. Merry Christmas everyone

Hoping for either the Revell 1/72 Platinum edition U-Boat, or the Revell 1/72 Platinum edition Flower Class corvette… although some additional weathering supplies would be nice. Will post some pics when we open as well.
Merry Christmas ! :santa: :grin:

Nifty, that it’s packaged in a wooden box that slides open on top.

Woot woot! Got the tamiya nashorn and Elefant to add to my stash

Also got some paint, a modeling kit with pin vise, tweezers, sand paper and sanding blocks, etc, and some nifty magnifying glasses for figure painting

Merry Christmas everyone


Most certainly. That is one box I won’t toss away…

Nice gains! Happy modelling with those and merry Xmas to you too!!!

At first I thought it was a set of D&D dice. Then happily realized that it’s actually a complete earth tone pigment set!


To taint your stomach?

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Lol, maybe just weather the teeth a little.

The wife got me some tools. First modeling related item, we think ever.

I couldn’t resist and brought myself the Border T-34 as a birthday gift, as things are going these days probably won’t make it in time in a few weeks.


Added this one from the in-laws this morning. I don’t know much about this variant of the KV-1, but I’ve heard good things about the Trumpeter KV tanks


Some good gifts.

My better half got me CSM’s 1/35 Lanchester Armoured Car.
My parents got me some ICM figures. The 1917 British Infantry in gas masks and the German MG08 team.
Fantastic kits and very happy to get them.