SAS Gulf War Land Rover AC Models 1:35

I’m getting ready to build this vehicle. I will be grateful for photos of such a configuration and, above all, photos that are helpful in painting the figures.


Search for OP Granby (Brit name for Gulf War 1) SAS Land Rover and you will find lots of reference pics.

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That one looks really nice. Must have been pretty expensive though… a lot of resin in the box.

I like Andy’s sculpts, but his casting was sometimes… well, rough. How it is with your piece?


@Maki -I don’t know what it looks like in reality, because I just ordered it.

if I remember correctly, Andy mcnab’s book Bravo Two Zero has pictures in it of his kit/uniform.

other books with pictures of the SAS operations in the first gulf war:

Victor Two Zero
Sabre Squadron

hope this helps

@Klaus-Adler - thanks. You’re right. I have this book and I’ll find something there.

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Have several of these kits … very nice it is too
You should read Sabre Squadron. It gives some very good detail and descriptions of the Land rovers and the kit and equipment.including Arab coats and the dropping in height of the roll bars on the rovers …
I’ve some very nice detail photos information squirrels away . Planing to do. Two vehicle group with mice as I’ve several of the AA land rovers kits that are required with this conversion…
Following with interest

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Don’t forget the AA Land Rover for it

I guess I’m a little crazy now. Can I use any of the Hobby Boss Land Rover models as a base? Do I absolutely have to use AA?

No you can it’s. Different vehicle

The Land Rover used is a Land Rover hi cap not the normal 110 . So the hobby boss kit is not the right vehicle at all .

Barny is correct, Andy designed this conversion for AA kit.


F…k :confounded:
£ 120 for the conversion and now £ 93 for the model? Any other cheaper solution?
@barny - heeeeelp!

Nope it’s the only game out there I’m afraid they do come up on eBay . And not that it helps I recently sold one as I have a few

Ok- what’s the difference between 110 from Hobby Boss and 110 from AA? Maybe scratch will save me? PS- at HMMWV I’m almost a professor, but LR is a black hole

not sure what your scratchbuilding skills are, but once you manage to create the rear cargo bay the rest should be pretty easy. IMHO you should be OK with these updates…

  1. new cargo bay
  2. backdated seats
  3. backdated front GMPG mount
  4. added side canister holders
  5. added smoke grenade launchers
  6. added pile and shield to driver´s compartment
  7. (potentially) some minor add ons to the undercarriage

I am not sure about differences at the dashboard.

I am building the AA´s kit right now and will be pleased to help you with measurements and photos. PM me if interested and we can chat about it.


Thank you for the info and help. I will contact you on PM