Sci-Fi and Alternative history campaign VIII

Group Build Title: Sci-Fi and Alternative history campaign VIII

Group Build Leader(s): @SGTJKJ

Group Build Description:
This campaign covers everything that is in the Sci-Fi universe or the alternative history.

This could be anything from Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other Sci-Fi franchise.

Alternative history subjects are also included. So all your “what-if” ideas belong here as well. For example panzer 1946 or luftwaffe 1946 ideas. All alternative history for all historical periods are included.

Any scale or medium is allowed.

Remember to post a starting picture.

Kits cannot be more than 25% finished unless they are unfinished projects from the previous 7 versions of this campaign.


Event Details: (Remember to click “Going” if you want to join the build!)

Completion Award: I will keep track of people finishing as the campaign progresses.


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Thanks for joining, Stephen. I knew I could count on you and your mystery Star Trek project :wink::raised_hands:t2:

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Happy to join.
All will be revealed at the campaign start.

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Welcome onboard, Ryan and Mark! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Klaus Adler standing by :star_struck:

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Okay Jesper. I have been a lurker for the first Seven, but participating in Eight will have be on my agenda. Doing the old MPC AT- AT for the alternate Camo build has me wanting to do a more refined kit… What I will have to decide on later.


I’ll dive in with something, not quite sure yet, maybe Starwars maybe something else even a kitbash if its allowed.


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David, you can be my wing man anytime :sunglasses:

Peter, I know what you mean. The freedom of doing something wild with crazy camos can be liberating. Especially if the previous kit was counting rivets or discussing the hue of RLM84. :wink:

Keith, kitbash is definitely allowed. Just tell us your thoughts or story behind it. It can be alternative history or Sci-Fi - up to you.

Welcome onboard, Guys. Great to have you as part of this. :slight_smile:

We now have our medal for this campaign. A million thanks to Peter for his help!!



Hi @SGTJKJ I am interested to be part of the GB. Can I build something with below stats?

Overall Height - 18.2 meters
Head Height - 17.7 meters
Max Weight - 78.5 metric tons
Empty Weight - 43.5 metric tons
Power-plant - Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor
Power Output - 1550 kW
Sensor Range - 6100 meters

Pilot Accommodations - Pilot only (in cockpit)
Armor - Titanium Alloy Ceramic Composite
Movement - Max Acceleration 2.03 G
Max Speed - 215 km/h
180° Turning Time - 1.2 s
Rocket Thrusters - 159000 kg
Vernier Thrusters - 16

:crazy_face: I have not seen much Gundam builds here… Is it even considered as Sci-fi ? Any Hardgraph fans?

Have a Great Day


Jesper, was just checking what I have committed to for campaigns and so far its 4 and Im running 2 of them LOL … I will definitely be interested but it wont be until mid 2022 if I do … and I probably will lol …

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Mukund, I am not sure what the stats are for, but I am guessing a Gundam robot? :thinking: :wink: If so, this is definitely in scope of this campaign as it is Sci-Fi. :+1:t2:

John, no problem to start middle of next year. Whenever it fits you. :slight_smile:


Hi Jesper, Thanks and yes i was just kidding. :laughing:… The stats are for Mobile Suit Gundam… Kampfer to be exact…

I have opened the box and started cleaning few bits… I would like to build this as part of GB. I will leave it as is until we are officially starting…
Have a Great Day


Just to stir some interest… This is another pic of the same kit heavily customized…
My skill levels are nowhere near… so probably an OOB build with few color scheme changes…



I’m interested, but really only have a few options. One X-wing fighter, it’s a bagged kit with both MPC and AMT instructions, sort of looks like it’s the same plastic either way. And a pair of What If candidates, a Hasegawa XF5U-1 as an operational bird or a Great Wall 1/144 TSR-2 that I want to do in USAF SEA or SIOP camo.


Mark, any of those options would be fine for this campaign. TSR-2 in SEA camo could look awesome!

Mukund, sounds like an excellent plan! Looking forward to see more once we get started!


I agree. It would look interesting in cammo.

A while back I came across some profile artwork of speculative USAF and USN Buccaneers that looked really interesting. Apparently it could have been a reality if Blackburn had sent a better prepared sales team over to the States in the early 60’s. Somewhere I have a book on the Buccaneer that revealed the full story.

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Thanks guyz. Now I need to come up with a good cover story. One of the guys in my local club built up an F-104 with Navy markings and wrote a whole backstory about the Navy doing carrier suitability testing on it. He published it on April 1. The story was so good that a couple of months later the Tailhook Society published it in their news letter along with the photos and quotes from the pilot, Commander I.B. Foolnu. They had to apologize for the story the following month. :wave:


It’s always fun to come up with a story.
I’ve only ever done one what-if, a Fairey Rotodyne, in RAF colours. I used spare decals from a Chinook. My story was that after being bought by Westland, and the failure of their own Westminster, they continued with development of the Rotodyne. By the 70’s it was selected by the MoD as the RAF’s heavy lift helicopter over the Chinook.
A fun project.

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outstanding medal!

@petbat peter you are a graphic genius!