Scratch Built M113 Bridgelayer

Normally I don’t share in progress of scratch builds , I feel like people would find it boring .
This is still in the early rough in stages and has a ton of detail to be added. Essentially this is just the foundation of the conversion.

This one I am going to share and hope it dose not make people yawn too much. Lol


Looking good. I always thought the M113 bridge carriers were pretty cool gear.

Excellent job once again Chris

Thanks guys .

I have only recently entered the realm of the M113 with a Canadian one, to be finished in white. And am already eyeballing an IDF version.
So I will keep an eye on this one as well.
Looks real good so far!

I understand how addictive these can be .
Ill keep posting as progress allows. To be honest this is being done as a master to be molded.

You got my interest!

It is just pinned together with wire right now to check position etc.

Cool i like to hear that … I dont generally post a link to my site in here but i will message it to you

Definitely interested in a copy if/when you get this molded.

Feel free to post a link to your site, as long as it doesn’t turn into spamming but I believe that you are capable of drawing the line between useful information and spam.

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Thank you for allowing that. I enjoy it so much here already.
I was being respectful of the page . Everyone here seems really amazing and supportive . Once more thank you.
On a separate note , I am looking at having this ready for a mold in the next week or so.

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Bridgelayers are my favorite subjects of military engineering.

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Looking really good, no yawning here, wide awake to watch this…

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Great job so far! I’m not bored at all. Thanks for sharing. Seeing these scrath built wip gives me inspiration although I’ll be 71 in Nov. And my eyes and hands are not as good as they use to be.

In a strange coincidence, a few weeks ago someone placed a model of one of these in the display case of the hobby shop near where I live. Before that I never even knew it existed!

Really . where is that at

It’s called Hobby Proz, the only real hobby shop left in Albuquerque, in fact, the only real hobby shop left in New Mexico.

Sorry to hear its the only one left. I would be curious to see pics of it. The only way to get one of these is to scratch build it.

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I’m in New Mexico and the only modelish shop near me is Hals Hobbies in El Paso, TX… which is close to 3 hours away…

EDIT: Just looked it up and I’ve actually been there once. I remember they just got in a stock of Tamiyas 1/48 P-38s when I went.

Bridge layer update.
Now it is down to some clean up , fine tuning and smaller details that will make up the eye candy .