Screaming Stukas

From what I read the sirens on the Stukas shaved 10-20 mph off their airspeed (When you are near flying backwards to start thats a lot. Stukas and A-10s are the only aircraft suspectable to rear hemisphere bird strikes.) and were phased out after the novety wore off. When did they start doing away with them? I’m pondering doing an II/STG 2 JU-87 R-2 in North Africa. How common would the siren have been then? I dd see 1 photo of a B version of some sort in Tobruk with the siren props.

Not 100% sure, but I believe they began phasing that out with the B-2.

Some D-1’s still have them in 1942…


Whilst cruise speed was in the region of 130 mph, in the dive (when the Jericho Trumpet was energised) the Stuka dived at a 60–90° angle, holding a constant speed of 500–600 km/h (310–370 mph) due to dive-brake deployment - hardly ‘flying backwards’…

Khouli :
(A) was talking LEVEL flight. (B) When youre being chased by fighters doing 350mph (+/- ) 130 mph (or you are being pursued by migratory sparrows!!) might as well be in reverse. (C) IT WAS A JOKE!!!

Saw a D Kanonvogle with them. When did those come in? 43-ish? Wondering how prevalent they were in North Africa. (The sirens, not the Kanonvoglen.)