Sd.Ah. 115 10 ton trailer from Das Werk

Still wait’n for those “chains that bind”. Coming from China! I just hope they send it via air as a small envelope.

Chains Arrived from China:*

Unfortunately while very nice, they turned out to be much too small for the heavy duty job here at hand.

Gas can included for size comparison.

So ~ still on the hunt for the proper sized, rather massive anchor chains needed for the 115 and 116 tie downs.

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Shame chains are not suited for this one.
I hope it doesn’t delay it to much build wise.
On to a basic interest question for me. Trailers. Now I know from your previous posts etc, and seeing others do them, you enjoy building them. Do you just have a thing for trailers as a trailer and model them, or do they get done as a big picture you see with a load or being pulled ?
I appreciate the amount of effort and research and the scratch building that it all involves, but I wouldn’t ever build one, which is why I enjoy watching them being constructed here.

John ~ All I can say in answer to you question/statement is that the trailers are an often overlooked aspect of the whole “softskins” segment of the hobby and I enjoy the additional interest they add to a model.

Also clearly trailers are a modeling aspect that appears to be “taking off” as to the model manufactures offering more and more of them. - So perhaps “never say never!”


Since there is no air compressor on the trailer would not there be an air line from the towing vehicle to supply the trailer air tank?

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I have yet to model the parking brake lever cable or the air and signal lines.

(Being distracted by a big 8x8 MAZ Russian truck right now!)

More Trailer Talk:

On order right now from Scale Reproductions in Louisville - - - Can’t Wait!


Time here for a bump up!

Some small progress on my new Lanz Tractor:
The chassis, engine and radiator housings.


As to the question of how the winch on the 115 was powered: - it was a hand crank worm and gear arrangement. However just as with the rear axle body jacks there was a two speed gear choice.

In the case of the rear body jacks, one speed gear for quickly lowering the body and a power gear with more mechanical advantage for raising a loaded trailer bed.

As to the winch; again there was a speed gear to be used when quickly walking out the tow cable and a power gear to use when drawing in the winch cable under load.

Apologies for flying off-topic with the post of the MiniArt Tractor.

Probably a, Bruckenleger auf PzKpfw II Ausf D


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Thanks for the useful tipps

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