Sd Kfz 184 Elefant Build log

Coming along really nicely @Mead93. Was mulling over my next build and might just have inspired me to get Hobbyboss’s King Tiger with Zimmerit out of my stash.

What camouflage scheme are you going to do. Will be interesting to see how the zimmerit will affect airbrushing a hard edge camo scheme.

I think I’ll do something similar to the scheme Andy from Andy’s HHQ does in his Elefant video

Thanks! I am fairly happy with it. One annoyance is that used q-tips to them help get the zimmerit to settle down. It left little tiny fibers in a few places that didn’t show until I painte :disappointed_relieved: I was planning on adding footage anyway so now I’ll just be strategic with that


Had shelved this project for a couple years. I had a bit of frustration. When applying the zimmerit decals, I foolishly used cotton buds to roll them down. This left some tiny hairs, that didn’t show up well until I primed. I should have taken a deep breath but I got a bit frustrated and while painting got a slightly grainy finish in spots. This killed my mojo so I put it back in the box half painted. I pulled it out a couple days ago after a long break and thought, hmmm this doesn’t look as bad as I remember. So I plucked the hairs that I could, sanded the grainy finish with some Micromesh and finished base coating. I ran out of time tonight so I still need to finish the lower hull/running gear. Next up is post shading of the yellow, and then a camo.

For camo, I am using this build for inspiration

I am actually pleasantly surprised with how the zimmerit decals look now that I have a more uniform paint layer down


Be good to see this one back on track for getting finished … Looks great with how the paint went down :+1:


I’m happy to be back at it. I have a bad habit of putting kits away right near the finish line if I get frustrated. I have a KV-1 that literally just needs some dust from the AB and pigments and it’s been in its box for a year…

I am trying to clean up one build that is near the end for every new one I build


Sounds like a plan :+1:

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Yea, that’s me too. Glad to know I’m not the only one.


I have a KTO Rosomak Polish IFV that’s sitting on my closet shelf, fully finished, waiting to have the fully finished wheels glued on it. Then it will be done. It’s been sitting there for a year. I have no idea why. Maybe I got something new and more exciting that day. I know I have bench time today. It won’t get done today, either.


My general issue is that I feel like I have sub par weathering skills. I always get the kit painted and looking the way I want and I am really happy and I just don’t know what to do weathering wise. At this point I usually throw the kit back in its box and say “I’ll plan a weathering sequence, and get back to it”

In the mean time I crack open a new kit and the one I was going to weather stays in its box for a long time


You could build them as museum displays and forego the weathering.