Seaplane tender USS Langley AV-3 1:350

Thomas, here you have it:

Fatuous factoid: the Langley was originally the USS Jupiter, one of a class of four colliers built for the US Navy. She was the only one not to disappear without trace in the Bermuda Triangle…




The larger aircraft appear to be Consolidated P2Ys with the outer wings removed.

Great topic you’ve chosen and a great start Thomas! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I guess these are Curtiss SOC Seagulls. Here’s a SOC-1 :


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@jptrr: Hey Fred, thank you very much for your effort; this will be helpful later in the painting stage :blush: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:



@Russelle: Always nice to have you on my side :yum:

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@frenchy: Henry-Pierre thank you for the identification of the smaller piplanes, I already had a look and fortunately TRUMPETER indeed offers this specific plane in 1:350 scale. White Ensign also offers etched parts for the struts and riggings for it.

I took the chance and bought them both for a greater variety on displayed aircraft at the Langley later :innocent:

Merci again for your help again :+1:



Sorry for the recent radio silence here gentlemen but Advanced Modelling Syndrome befell me again. Some parts of the original kit are not looking convincing. As I strolled through Black Cat Model´s portfolio I stumbled over some useful and beautiful looking replacements for some parts of the kit. Therefore I ordered them and decided to wait with my build until these arrived.

Now yesterday these parts arrived and I can show you which kit parts I plan to replace:

First there are the 24" searchlights. Langley does have four and the kit ones are looking clumsy. Black Cat ones are looking far more sophisticated. even the handles in the front and back sides of the searchlights are there :+1:

Then I was positively surprised that Black Cat also offers the 5in./51 guns with their platforms. Langley does have four guns and the upgrade set offers four - perfect :blush:

The kit´s bigger lifeboats do look very simplistic. Black Cat offers here also the correct types of boats so I had no other choice than to buy them too

In the original pictures of the Langley you can see always two whaler boats at the etch of the upper aircraft deck in front of the elevator. Though Black Cat offers them as Royal Navy whaler boats they do look right to me for this task

Oh and there was one 3D-printed anchor chain from YXModel of China. This chain is not cheap but very delicate. Maybe I will use this one if the proportions are ok for the Langley. If not I have a lot smaller vessels for it


Thomas :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Here I want to show you two pictures of the differences between the kit´s deck gun and the 35ft motor boat and Black Cats 3D-printed ones :thinking:

hehe quite a difference, eh? :smiley:


There certainly is :smiley:

Weather here in Germany was ideal for modelling - constantly light raining. Therefore I was able to achive quite some work at the ship.

I finished the frontal bridge complex with all railings and the loading crane for the seaplanes.

Then I took care of the stern etched girders. I can say this is a very fragile affair - you should be able to bend everything in the first try; otherwise the parts fall apart at the bending edges as they are very delicate. One girder disintegrated in four parts and another in two :unamused:. But in the end everything is worth it as it looks very nicely :innocent:

Now I feel dizzy with all these edged parts - off for a late beer :yum: :beer:




Thomas, you have earned that beer - those girders look fantastic!
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That looks amazing!!!
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I like it too ! Well done and my eyes hurt thinking of bending that etch work …

Hi Thomas, bit late to the party on this one, but I have enjoyed catching up.

Great build.



Oh my girder!

That’s a lot of truss. Following with interest.


Hello Simon, nice to have you here with me, too :smiley: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Marty, yes there are a lot of them :woozy_face:

btw: Are they called girders or trusses? Sorry but english is not my native language…


Thomas :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Ok gentlemen, I did finished all the etched girders, trusses or whatever they are correctly called. It was a work where no mistakes should be done but I think it really pays off in the end:

pre installed on deck

And one pic with the finished stern girders last week together installed on the ship

Just for fun I glued together the kit girders/trusses for a better comparison with the etched ones. This was the main reason which woke my interest to build this ship :grin:

Now there are just some girders for the underside of the flight deck and then we will start painting :paintbrush:

Cheers :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: