Searching for two 1/35 resin kits

Hello everybody.
I’m searching for two old rare resin kits, one from -Japanese Armor King- and one from -Warriors-
It’s the set WW2 Japanese soldiers 6 casualties in 1/35 size.
The second one is the resin kit from -Warriors- No. 35545 WW2 USMC Stretcher Team.

If someone have this kits and wants to sell it, I will be happy.
Or maybe, someone can tell me, where I can get this old kits.
Thanks a lot.
Best regards Christian

Comments on Japanese Armor King

The link might be of help. They say Japanese Armor King basically copied stuff from other manufacturers. Maybe someone else also made the item.

Best wishes

Thanks for the link. I know this old thread. But I didn’t see anytime this kit from another manufacturers.

Best wishes