Seeking advice on Takom V-1 Flying bomb w/interior

Hi fellow modellers

I have just purchased the Takom kit 2151 V-1 Flying bomb w/interior, and I would like your input on

  1. What colours would you use on the interior?
    - It looks like some leather brown, but I have been unable to find any information
  2. How would you create the transparency, like on the box, or?
    - I can’t see how to make the “red” line on the cutout, without actually cutting it away, and that is not going to happen :slight_smile:
    - I am thinking about som oval masking, almost like on the box, but I would like your input.


I am somewhat new to the hobby :slight_smile:

You get a clear side and would just mask off what you want open before painting.

As for the color every review seems to identify that as being an issue but no real options, one suggests RLM 02 and 66 as possible colors.

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Hi Tank
I assume you would mask inside and outside?

The interior looks to be primer red.

I would just mask the outside after finish building and painting the inside. Then glue the clear fuselage on and mask before painting the exterior.

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Welcome to the chaos Henrik.

Will be interesting to see how it turns out when you decide on the interior colours, and I agree with Ryan on the masking…

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I find it hard to believe that the interior had any finish at all but perhaps it was necessary from a corrosion stand point . These were regarded as weapons , not aircraft. Were the interiors of bombs finished in any way ?

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Very good point

The example at the Science Museum appears to be just bare metal interior.

Why on earth would anyone paint the inside of a bomb?

Yes, from our point of view, but looking at how they engineered all their weapons. Then I would not be surprised if they painted the inside in some colour to protect it from corrosion and fuel drops on the inside.

Well, all I can say is that the only one i’ve ever seen that had its insides exposed is at the Science Museum in London, and the insides of that are not painted.

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