Seeking information on LAHSS Pz IV "055" command tank

Any information on a LAHSS Pz IV damaged at Kursk then converted into a command tank “055” in Italy, would be appreciated.

This Pz IV apparently became the panzer regiment commander’s tank. Orders and regulations were ignored by LAHSS as this Pz IV should have been left in Russia or sent back to Germany, not taken with the division to Italy.

Reading The Panzers of Prokhorovka, The Myth of Hitler’s Greatest Armoured Defeat by Ben Wheatley, found this interesting enough to consider attempting a “055” build if any additional information is available.

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This one ?

It was indeed the tank of the regiment commander SS-Obersturmbannführer Georg Schönberger at Koursk. He would be killed in action on November 20, 1943 fighting in the city of Zhytomyr.

Here’s “055” in Italy


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My 2(Panzerfourmadness)cents:

#055 looks like VOMAG’s April or May 1943 production Ausf.G tank:
-Weld line across exhaust muffler,
-Antenna deflector bends down and is attached to the bottom part of gun mantlet,
-2 Bosch lights with cables bending backwards
-Cutout above driver visor,
-2 bolts for the 1st turret Schuerzen bracket,
-Schuerzen door latch on front door.

#055 might have been one of the 16 Pz.IV’s shipped for LSSAH by train from Germany on June 25th 1943.Such shipments usualy took a week to arrive at the Eastern Front.

Other observations:
First, second and third pictures of #055 from Frenchy show tracks fitted backwards.The picture from Italy shows them fitted normally.

On second and third picture the comanders hatch is opened to the right, which is odd.Usualy it opened to the left, for a short period in May-to the rear.I guess this is a field modification- an easy one as it only meant unscrewing a bolt, rotating the hatch frame to the desired position and screwing the bolt again.

#055 is a great modelling subject, Wade!
Hope to enjoy your build,