Self indulgent Authors

I have found many interesting topics/articles here. Personally when the writer is spending more time thinking of witty remarks then information you are losing the people who are really interested in what you are saying and the only ones left are the ones who have to show proof you are wrong.



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Are these “clown works” posted in Off-Topic? Lot of self indulgence idiocy there plus some entertaining discussions.

A few are verbose in the model forums. Myself included on Pz IV’s, Panthers etc. Misplaced enthusiasm, talking to an audience about what we find interesting.

Two folks on the forum seldom posted anything I found worth reading. Placed both in my ignore list. My enjoyment of the forum greatly improved with their rude drivel removed from view.


:bulb: :bulb: :bulb: still working on myself indulgent witty reply…(j/k) :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:


I find they are discussing topics that do interest me and sure others. Trying to let them know here you are talking with same interest people. No need to entertain just educate but no need to bore

@Jeff_Ehrlich Jeff

How about a link or three to specific examples?

Otherwise, no one can check to see if there’s an issue.

Gotta agree with the Robin (@Uncle-Heavy)… (and Wade, who beat me to my own post):

Some specific examples or more context about particular sub-forums or threads might help to put your observation into perspective.

However, just tossing your comment out to “lie steaming in the middle of the floor,” so to speak, does seem to be more than just a little “self-indulgent,” in itself.


I wonder if there was a specific incident that prompted the OP? But as a frequent inserter of humour into threads that are getting too tense I’d be interested to see examples too.


I’m not aware that injections of humour or off-topic remarks have ever stopped members from adding more relevant or apposite comments to the subject at hand. As Tom mentions, witty asides typically lighten the discourse – I’m at least as guilty as he is. It hardly takes much effort to scroll past comments or threads of little interest, unless of course…


If I remembered which video it was I would, but with all the noted authors and experts waiting to tear me apart forgot which academy award winning video it w

I see …

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When introducing a model or project, I do go to some lengths to describe what I am doing and why; this means I will always set the idea in context, not least as I am fully aware that not all members are ex-military, and therefore I will go to great lengths to educate and inform, not to gain the high ground, but as I say, to - hopefully - enlighten as fully as I am able. If that means I end up boring people, well, they can always speed-read past it I’m sure.

Even if not an actual modelling project, and a say, military anecdote, the content will often requite setting in context; some (even most) aspects of military life can verge on the absurd.

I feel a little bit of humour and even self-awareness can only add to the general fun available on the site.

If it’s boring then just look away.


So serious a problem you don’t even remember an example but post that reply when asked?


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Snark is currently the norm, at least in western culture. Every other guy thinks he is Deadpool and every other girl wants to be Harley Quinn. Some people do it quite well. Most don’t. I prefer authoritative, concise, and pertinent but appreciate when someone is genuinely funny.

I can be very snarky and must constantly remind myself to dial it back, especially in a forum like this one. I do not have a cute cat to bail me out. :grin:


Because it’s the easy choice.,


Before this gets silly, am I right in thinking the OP has suggested his beef is with some people who post videos with too much self-indulgent humour, rather than just pithy comments here in the forums?


That’s why I asked about examples to be able to make up my own mind.
Being able to see/read what someone else finds too much, wrong, too little, snarky, lame or whatever makes it easier to understand and evaluate the gripe. Potentially even being able to solve the problem.

The only example I have seen so far is this:

which contains this post:

I viewed the whole “offensive” video and posted this comment:

It is impossible to change something perceived as wrong when the “offending” item can not be produced for evaluation. Finding the “correct” level of information, background, witty remarks et.c. is near impossible if the only feedback is that some posters do too much of something.
Some like an answer with extra information, some prefer a short answer which barely answers the question.
Any answer could possibly offend either or both of these categories.

Finally: “the writer is spending more time thinking of witty remarks then information”
Witty remarks come extremely easy for some and may take a long time for others.
Which reader of any text has the ability to judge how much time the writer has spent on doing one thing or another? I could spend months or years compiling an answer to a question about Tiger I which a well known Tiger I expert could rattle off more or less in his sleep. Who spent the most time on the answer? Which answer was most valuable to the person asking the question? Hint: Not mine since it took way too much time to provide.
Would the word ‘presumptuous’ be applicable or would ‘arrogant’ be a better fit?

Generalised complaints without examples could be seen as trolling …


That is a very good speech and he is right, but cynicism can also spring forth from the bitter soil of betrayal and hypocrisy, or as a surrogate for violence in an intractable disagreement.

In my opinion, many people now use snark as a tool to generate esteem with an in crowd versus an out crowd, with the esteem converting directly into revenue.

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How would in vs out crowd be defined in our context?

Scaring away other members is counter productive (even if some posters deserve a slap occasionally).
Some will get thrown out after repeated and persistent bad behaviour.
Our individual abilities to interact with other people varies, some have more tolerance than others, some don’t tolerate “fools”. Pulling the fingers away from the keyboard and refraining from responding is also an easy way of handling an obnoxious post. Applying the ‘can’t be bothered today’ method saves a lot of aggro.

Getting tired, it’s way past midnight in Europe.