Setting up a thread as a subthread of a campaign?

I thought I knew how to do this as I have a thread that is a subthread of a campaign, but I don’t remember how I did that. Maybe there is already a how to thread on it, but a quick search didn’t find it. But please forgive me if there is and I’m creating redundancy…

I assume you mean this thread?

It’s in the Build a Photo 2 campaign sub-forum. Which is fine. We actually created those as forums so people could create their own topics/threads on their builds.

To create a topic in a group build topic you just need to select that as the forum when you create a topic or be in the forum and click “new topic”.


Yes, that’s the one. OK, so for a campaign that is still in the staging area, when it becomes an active campaign, I should be able to do this there?

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Sure you can do that. Or you can have it in the main genre forum and then it can be moved over when the new forum is created. Either way.

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Will do that. Thanks much!