Shocked by the attitudes

So I have followed this site for years, literally. From the outside it seemed to be frequented by thoughtful and intelligent people. And YES, there are those here, HOWEVER after, I finally joined and have offered an opinion or two. What I have found, (and yes, I am aware of the phenomenon of how a message is sent versus how it is received), is that there are a few “trolls” here, whose opinion is to be “unchallenged” that they and they alone have all the answers. Which is quite troubling to be bluntly honest. Now we all should know that NONE of us have all the answers, BUT that doesn’t seem to be the case. These few “appear” to get their information via the web or from the grape vine. I am really torn by this. Is it fair to ask, do these people read. In some cases, they “claim” to have quality reference materials, but have made no effort to read the materials. I find their logic truly idiotic, "well I have never heard of that. “I never saw that” or the current "a single source website says that isn’t possible.
They remind me why I left competitive Modeling and clubs…
Once long ago, a modeler, took the 1980’s Monogram T-rex, which was a moveable toy and created a truly remarkable T-rex in action, the eyes were marbles, the dry brushing alone must have taken days to create. He created a masterpiece. At this particular competition, I happened to meet the fellow. He was gracious and kind enough to share his thoughts and talents. As we stood there with other competitors milling by, all seemed to take notice of the Rex, and marvel at this masterful work. Then, the mood soured, one of these very same “know it all” types, “the I never been wrong ever types” sauntered up to the Rex, taking no desernable notice of me or the builder. With penlights and dental mirrors this “king of the Jack-a-lopes” examined the Rex for a minute or two. Then literally hitching up his pants, looked us both over and proudly proclaimed for all to hear, “wrong color”…
To you self-important you know what’s, I quote Bill Murray. "Lighten UP.


Yes it’s a thing alright, but I don’t know why we should be daunted by apparent know-it-alls. They’re just one opinion like anyone else’s. However, if they can present credible evidence on which that opinion’s based, what’s the problem? Most of us are looking for accuracy so if someone brings good evidence that something ain’t right, isn’t that to be welcomed? I’ve been rightly corrected many times, I don’t take it as a personal affront – what would be the point of that? As long as those with better knowledge play the ball not the man (to use a footballing metaphor) I’m all for it.

That said I’d agree nobody has a monopoly on what colour T-Rex’s were, so that was a ridiculous criticism you mentioned :tumbler_glass:


Poppycock! Everyone knows T-Rex we’re bright neon pink and I won’t hear anymore about it


If you only knew what I have to listen to and endure! :confounded:


We live in a world where we are constantly reminded to “follow the science”. Or “x number of scientists say” and we aren’t meant to question the “science”. Yeah well I ask “who’s science?”. I ask “why are you right?”. I also ask “why is it wrong to have an opinion that you dont agree with?”.
The world has changed. And i dont like the change. My only advice is to stick your nose in the air and use the bird and move on with life.
Knowing how to use Google doesnt make anyone an expert!


Dinosaurs had feathers.
Don’t forget the feathers.
I’m pretty sure they had feathers.
Yes, definitely feathers.
…except the green ones who were definitely persecuted for their lack of feathers by all the tastefully feathered dinosaurs.

Please note that the colour of the feathers in the above photograph may not have rendered correctly.




Hi @Whitney_Foreman, I just read the thread about Ferdinands and assume/hope that’s not the thread that is bugging you? That thread I think both yourself and @Dioramartin put forward some good comments which we can all ponder over. The comments weren’t poo-pooing your feedback at all, just providing some other views, which perhaps would be frustrating as they cloud the original question as to which colour that particular vehicle was! I do agree with you, there are always a few keyboard warriors lurking in all forums…. but there is a function on this site which I believe allows a user to block seeing any comments from other users, so if someone in particular does continue to aggravate you… you can block them (I haven’t as yet, but there is one user I have been tempted to….)

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Moderators sometimes get a message from the system telling us that:
User X has been blocked by n other users, there may be a problem on the site.

I don’t remember the exact wording though …

The site has gotten better over the years with those personalities. It will never be zero but in the end, one is taking a by in large introvert people and having them be extroverts, added it’s the web where these personalities can be magnified without any meaningful consequences (yes can ban but not the same as a face to face consequences) I think the issues are very low then and now. Why let them control you and dictate your mood.

Not going to clubs and contests (competing or not) because 10% or less people suck (people suck everywhere) seems like an over correction for all the positives that can be had in my opinion, which one can take or leave.


I might be wrong because obviously I wasn’t there, but the remark about the T-Rex colour strikes me as a poorly made and poorly timed joke. Maybe the guy was trying to be funny, but he was just one of those people that can’t pull it off.
We all know people like that in the real world.


On the subject of checking references, you might want to watch “Stripes” again . . .



Yep! That was Sgt Hulka’s line.

Bill Murray said… “Lee Harvey… you are a madman!”

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keep comments on topic please.

Is that the system’s way of telling the mods that member X “does not play well with others”? :wink:


Yup …

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I’ve stumbled across the post to which I believe the OP is referring and the attitude that shocked me is the OP’s, who started calling another member an ass when they provided information based on factory directives and asked the OP for evidence in support of their claims. To then start this post claiming to the be victim is laughable.

The simple fact is - if you are going to make claims that go against prevailing doctrine, be prepared to have your claims questioned and be in a position to provide evidence in support of your claims.


This is one of the differences that makes this new site so good. It has a number of well-thought-out processes designed into so that the members at-large have not just input, but also actual influence on setting and maintaining community norms for behavior and activity.


The thing that usually surprises me is a posters lack of situational awareness when they post a snarky comment and are surprised at the result. Either they are clueless on the phrasing/ messaging or about how others might respond to their comment.


I have found over time, with multiple examples, that there are different personality types. There are the average variances and occasionally there are outliers. The average can work and socialize well together. the outliers don’t. You cannot change them. You can corral them, box them in, but they can not be changed. It is best to ignore them. If you go head to head, you probably will decide you wasted a lot of your time and energy.