Showcase models - HMS Vendetta 1918 (1/350)

Since the slipways are reopen I will be working on my HMS Vendetta from Showcase Models. I believe the company is now defunct so I am not sure for how much longer this kit will be available. (I did a quick search and you can still get it on ebay).

The kit can be painted as either HMS Vendetta or HMAS Vendetta. I am doing her in her WW1 RN colours and will be building her completely OOB. Hopefully this will be a longer build log than my HMS Zulu.

I started this kit in October 2020 but after building the basic hull I lost my ship mojo and moved onto some armor builds.

Comparing her to the Tribal class hull you can see that this is a small ship. Roughly 1090 tons standard displacement.

This week I got to painting her hull in preparation for continuing the build.

Hull went smoothly.

The deck has linoleum or semtex on it. I am not 100% sure which but the colour callout is a reddish brown. I had to do some masking to cover the steel deck parts.

Tape came off and I have to say I am very happy with the result.


Nice!!! :+1::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I am jealous, I was not able to locate that model in Germany for a reasonable price. I love the straight forward design of the V&W’s!
Should be linoleum, Semtex seems to used only since the 30’s



Cool! I don’t know how many WW1 era destroyers are available in plastic. Happy to see you build this one!

In todays adventures of very small plastic parts I had to deal with the bollards. How fun!

That is the tip of my #11 X-Acto blade. My plan is to wait for them to dry solid to the kit and very gently sand the top smooth as thats where it joined the sprue. Thank god for my Tamiya cutters which give a nice clean cut.

I wanted to do more today but dealing with those tiny parts that took the wind from my sails. Luckily, as of now I have them all installed with no loses. Which is good since they don’t give you any spares.


Working through and adding the various gribblies to the deck and found an error in the instructions. In part 2 they ask you to use C19 to complete a deck winch. This is incorrect and should be A19. I will continue to document errors as I find them.


Recently, when I’m handling very small parts like these that I KNOW I will drop and probably lose, I remove them along with a small portion of the sprue they are attached to. I use that small portion of sprue as a handle so I don’t lose the small part. Once the part is firmly glued and set in place I trim off the “handle” and clean up the part. Of course, this method doesn’t work in all circumstances, but when it does, it works well.

I like that the bollards are separate. I always damage them when sanding deck or hull :grimacing:
If they add a few spares should be ok :slight_smile: But I completely agree, they are VERY tiny in a destroyer. Still betther than have to repair them with wire.


That’s a great technique and not one I had thought of. I will definitely be using it in the future.