Siege of Malta Campaign

Great engineering for a '66 kit. I was fondling a Revell Essex Class last night. Looks like it’s a 1967 tool, but unlike your Ark Royal there’s no hiding the lack of a hanger deck. :unamused: :wave:


Thanks for the comments, guys. Taking the age of the kit into account the fit is quite good.

The deck fit is decent. Rubber bands are a must unless you have 6 arms :wink:
Clearly some fitting and sanding required, but still believe it will build into a nice replica.

More to follow :slight_smile:


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A bit more progress - it is beginning to look like the Ark Royal. The fit is really nice considering the age of the kit. The flash is horrendous- as could be expected for such an old kit.


Hi all,

I’ve been busy building away on this campaign, yet to post pics, which are coming. Does anyone have an idea when this one ends? Went to look for the original forums, but they are closed. Thanks!

@john41492 Finishes on 01/10/2021

Hello everyone,

Thought it was time to do an update on the RN Vittorio Veneto build. Removed a lot of molded on features from the main deck and added after market PE and resin parts.

Top down shot of the whole ship.

It was a lot of work to remove the molded features on the bow to prep for the anchor chains and such.

The upgrade kit calls for replacing the vents along the barbettes but the kit only came with six replacement vents. There are over a dozen vents along the barbettes.

Replaced all of the boat cradels.

Rear shot of the vents and hatches and stuff.

Bow shot.

That all until the next post which should be the hull and deck painted.

Mark :beer:


Looking good. Those boat cradles look very neat!


I wasn’t sure about installing them this early into the build as they could be knocked off. My thinking is that the CA glue would bond better to a clean deck than to a painted one, so less chance of knocking one off.

Mark :beer:

Bare plastic is the way to go.

I am getting back into my HMS Zulu Build. Started painting of the hull.

The site has changed so much since Ive been released from the hospital. It took a while to gain access again. It may take a little more time to become acclimated to the the new set up.



Hi Bob, getting old isn’t for wimps. Hope you’re mending well. Relax and build some thing.

Glad you are out. Hope your recovery continues well.

It took me a little bit to get the hang of it The forum part of it is great once you get the hang of it.

MARK, and PHIL thanks for the welcome back. Mark all of the treatments for the big “C” are worse than the disease itself.

The left arm is broke at the moment and the right is useless until radiation does its magic. I will just be along for the ride and watch you guys until I am able to join in again. Love the photos that have been posted.



Daaaym, I was just in for a hernia, nothing in that class. Be strong. :wave:

Mark, it is no big deal. Just carry on with life. Where dd the campaign ribbons go? I could not find where the are kept. Still trying to learn the sites new format.

I have a Mk. V Spitfire that I could plink around for the campaign.


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Hey Bob!
Sadly no ribbons on this new site… for now!
Hope you get better soon! Cant wait to see the Spitty.

hopefully this works. my entry is a 1/48 Hsegawa Spitfire mk.V trop.

does this count me as joined up or do i click another button?



No, that is it Bob - you are in. Nice choice. Glad to see you back and looking forward to moving ahead.

Mark, looking forward to seeing your build come together. I probably missed it, but who’s kit is it?

I’ve just completed a campaign build over in the SciFi/Fantasy group, so I can make a start on my CANT build. Quite looking forward to this one as I have yet to build an Italian aircraft, despite having a couple in the stash.