Silicone Tipped Pigment Applicators

Hi everyone.

i’ve seen a couple of videos on line where people have been using (I think they are) silicone tipped applicators to apply pigment precisely on the AFV surfaces - it seems particularly effective on tracks.

They taper to a point and are flexible to a dregree.

wondered if anyone else used them or could recommend a product that they use.


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Wild guessing.
I would try make-up departments/shops (the Ladies also use pigments you know)
and/or art/craft stores

Before I realised you could get similar products on evil bay I bought a set of these:

I find them quite useful. The first time I tried them I used them to apply Ushi Van Rosten metal polishing powder to a Panther’s road wheels and it worked well.


Thats a decent looking set and not a lot of money … and also lots of choices on Mr Bezos site as well :+1:


Well, thats more or less what I need them for. I normally use a brush but after a very short time, the bristles are splayed out and the application isn’t precise, not to mention that it knackers the brushes themselves.

This seemed like a good solution - and so, I’ve ordered some of these. Lets see how they go.


These were actually designed for sculpting clay for pottery craft, which is why most are larger than we would use. You will likely find them cheaper from a store that services that industry.

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I have this set of Clay Sculpting Tools/Shapers which work really well for pigment application. HTH.



These are sculpting shapers and should be available in any art store. I use mine all of the time for applying metallic pigments to tracks and wear points.


If these are what you referring to I give them a big thumbs up. This 5 pack was $6.00USD, no need to pay the hobby brand name tax IMO. This is a set i bought today, browsed through a different part of the store w clay sculpting tools forgetting i had already purchased a set from a different area of the store in different packaging on a prior visit. Anyone familiar with Hobby Lobby knows of what i mean. If you cant locate any overt there let me know, we can work something out as ill never wear out my original set.


Yes, and I bought a very similar set myself.

Yet to try them though.