Skis, skids, and floats

Group Build Title: Skis, skids, and floats

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Group Build Description: I was looking at some float planes… But I’m thinking this would be interesting not only for planes, but perhaps for land thingies with amphibious capabilities (like schwimmwagen kinds of thingies?). I think it would make sense also to add amphibious landing vehicles. Landing craft that just go to the beach not so much, but landing craft that keep going on land are definitely in.

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Hmm, I have a couple of DHC-2 Beavers, one with floats, the other has skis. There’s an X-15 so I’ve got skits covered too. Not to mention a pair of PBYs, a PBM, a Kingfisher, 3 Schwim wagons; 2 in 1/35, 1 in 1/72 (one of the 1/35s has been started), a Widgeon and a Buffalo. I could be part of this. :wave:

Airfix have just re-released their primitive antique Auster Antarctic with options for wheels or skis. Back in the day it also came with floats, so unless the mould is seriously munged I would expect to see a floatplane version released, probably at the next higher price point.



Seaplanes also?

I remember doing a JU-52 float plane as a kid.

This would be cool:


I’m in, given it is open to vehicles too. I have Gecko’s LARC-V that I had planned to do next year. Planning on doing an Aussie version.

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This gives me an excuse to start on my DUKW so I’m in!


What scales would be included in this event?

Any scale? I’m not sure - is there a reason it should be scale limited?

not at all - but I work in 1/350 and wanted to make sure it made the cut


A 1/350 floatplane would take 3 seconds to complete :stuck_out_tongue:


thats not true - at least 5!!



If it’s a float plane that’s going on a cruiser model or something like that, then no, I don’t think I’d allow it. But if it’s a flying boat on its own, sure!

Many years ago, I collected a number of card model float planes…

Even if card models qualify for this campaign, I doubt I will ever build the Catalina or Bv 138 simply because the finished models are gigantic. The Messerschmitt float plane is very detailed, even for a card model, and includes a complete engine. The Kingfisher is also very detailed.

My stockpile may not include a styrene model that qualifies but 1/350 float planes and Tamiya Schwimmwagens are cheap. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorely tempted, but your timeframe is mighty short! :grin:

You do know the title of this build is the definition of “helicopter” - a device whose landing is so uncertain they fit it with skis, floats, AND wheels in case one of them comes in handy…


I am sure there will be the usual extension granted for those who do not finish by 8.55 Tom :rofl:


I’ll start looking for an Airfix Series 1 kit with a low parts-count that I can build, paint (with hairy stick!) and decal in under an hour…

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I built this one when I was about 10 years old…

Get it direct from Airfix in the fancy new box: