Sniper Rifle ID (it's a model of one)

A question for any gun enthusiasts with specific reference to sniper rifles…

A few years back I picked up a mixed assortment of ‘stowage boxes’ from a wargames manufacturer. Included was both an open and closed version of the transport case below. It’s a single moulded piece but I’m trying to identify whether rifle in the case is ‘real’ or more of a generic modern rifle? I’ve flooded the case with an oil wash to try and pick out the detail a bit better.

The scale is 28mm (nominally 1/50 in the case of this wargames producer - Spectre Miniatures).

I’ve done some research and I keep coming back to a Mk13 or a Mk21, but I’m not convinced - any better guesses out there?


I reckon its an M110 of some description.

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looks like the M110 family … ??


The step down in the upper behind where the scope is mounted suggests that it’s a bolt action, even though the bolt handle doesn’t seem to be molded. Not a semi-auto M110. Agree it’s most likely a MK13.

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What about a Remington MSR ?



Thats the one, for sure.

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Nicely found H.P

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Thanks everyone - you assistance is much appreciated!

Close, but there are still a lot of differences between the two. Stock is wrong shape, pistol grip and trigger guard are different, magazine receiver doesn’t have a step, etc.

I’d venture to guess it’s possibly an “artist’s rendition” based on a mental composite of features the sculptor had seen on a variety of weapons.