So how are the T-55's & T-62's performing in Ukraine?

So how are the T-55’s & T-62’s performing in Ukraine?

Have they proved useful as artillery?

Saw a video of maintenance of a T-55. All the talk of older, Soviet simplicity & easy to maintain appeared to be totally laughable. Engine out looked pretty intensive.

Just wondering if anyone had information. T-55’s are one of my favorite Cold War AFV’s.



I would envisage they have 2 main uses for bog standard non up armoured tanks.
Dug in static check point cover for key areas.
Vanguard cannon fodder to take the first wave of anti armour defences/drone attacks to allow the more modern armour to follow up.


Which must be real comforting to the crews in them.


I would be using antiquated armor to entice the targeting/destruction of them while sneaking in the newest battle wagons. Doing this uses up Ukrainian offensive inventory.


They probably wouldnt even know until it was to late …


I suspect they havent got a clue and are probably told that their invincible Army is already at the gates of Kiev OR they havent got a choice, operating the equipment virtually at gunpoint.


Disclaimer: Navy guy here, so no “expertise” on the matter.

Judging by the videos and the details popping up on the internet and other media I think we are not seeing conventional by the book tank warfare and combined arms operations as a western army would probably do. Trench warfare similar to WWI is usually the case and tanks are used in a similar to WWI way.

Tanks are used as spearheads in attacks consisting by 1 to 2 tanks, various troop carriers and infantry. Tanks have mine clearing equipment fitted most of the time for opening the way. Mostly T-62 tanks have been seen, few T-55 and a couple of T-54. Some interesting modifications can be noticed for extra protection or addition of antidrone equipment and electronic counter measures

They tried attacking south last summer using large armored units as spearheads but failed. They have upgraded T55 tanks from Slovenia, I have seen a couple of videos from crews that survived an attack that said they liked their tank but prefered to get western units.

As a conclusion: I would not ask how a specific tank variant is doing in this conflict because they are simply not used as intended. That is why we are seeing praises for equipment that the West thought was disfunctional or irrelevant such as the Gepard or M113 or MRAPs. The way Russians spend their T-55 T-62 reserves implies that they only want them to provide a means for making the Ukrainians use their stock of ammunition and antitank weapons.

Just my 0.02$


Which is kind of ironic, because Ukraine’s western allies have agreed to continue to provide support almost indefinately, and RuZZia is loosing10 - 20 tanks a day, many more other armoured vehicles and over a 1300 men a day in order to sustain this ‘tactic’. Verifiable sources confirm that they’re moving personnel and equipment from other areas to cover their disasterous and incompetent invasion (which only serves to reinforce the lie that NATO was the original threat).

In summary, they’re loosing equipment faster than they can replace it in most cases, and what stocks they have, museum piece or otherwise, are a finite resource. Ukraines Western allies can keep Ukraine supplied virtually for ever.


Indeed but this also requires a will to continue to supply. Ukrainians are paying a high price in human lives because of the delays of the West to decide what and when to send it. And with elections coming in the US, Uk, France etc support might prove hard to get in the future. I do not want to get political so I will just leave it here. If Ukraine continues to receive support they will win eventually and get their land back. If support stops Ukraine will have to settle most probably for a draw as is and with the east part of the country lost.


I appreciate all the replies and thoughts.

Please let’s be careful to stay on the T-55 & T-62 equipment use topic or this will get kicked into Off-Topic.

The same original question applies to Leopard 1 of course. Have any M60A1 or A3 shown up in Ukraine?

I agree much equipment is being used in a role different than intended by the original designers.


We can discuss it in our annual visit to Kerkayra in September!


I’m surprised that some of those M60 variants haven’t been shipped over as they did well in the gulf war.


Likewise, the M60A3’s had good thermals back in the day from what I’ve read.

An M60 with a pile of Kontact ERA would make for an interesting looking model IMO.


No, I do not think anyone supplied those.

Leopard 1 was used in Lyman-Kupiansk area for defense and the crews liked the mobility and the rate of fire. Most negative comments I have read are about the service requirements of Leopards compared to the Abrams and the Challengers.


Getting back to T-55 and T-62 some photos

T-62 tanks were converted to APC by Ukraine

T-62 with cage and dozer blade

I wander if we will see Ukraine fielding T-62AGM (proposed upgrade, not produced, maybe with the amount of captured T-62 they got they decide to build a few)



I’m curious if any notes have been taken on which camo schemes worked or didn’t work? Or do drones make it superfluous?


The question is an interesting one so I started reading.

According to Oryx, as of February 2022, very few Russian T55s and T62s were lost in battle. This is a strong indication they are not being used.

A lot of articles state that as of 2024, Russia can replace main battle tanks as fast as they are lost. It seems likely Russian tank production will continue to increase.

This is truly a ‘video game war’. Up to date numbers for tank losses, broken down by type, must exist. Maybe one of you can find them?


Recent analysis have indicated that Russia’s actual production capability is less then what they are claiming.


Oryx stopped updating numbers in September 2023. So ten months ago.


@Youngun It is a given that all parties in a war will distort information related to that effort. However, it is clear Russian tank manufacturing capability has and continues to increase. A significant percentage of losses are replaced.

@gtdeath13 Yeah. I saw that. It is an absolute certainty the information is still being collected but I was unable to find another source that publishes the numbers.

Edit: I just read some articles from last year about the Russians pulling T-55s out of storage and shipping them to Ukraine. The arrival of those machines coincides with the end of loss reporting by Oryx.

In World War II, many combatants used older tanks for security in rear areas. I wonder if that is what the Russians are up to with their T-55s.