So the old site is closed for over a year now. How do you feel about it (old one) now?

Disclaimer: Im not a staff. Not even a regular here.

I saw a lot of hot discussions every now and then here with many different members participated. Seems like we are all got used to the new site. I know that many old feature are not available. I see posts and suggestions to improve this forums or bring back some old feature every now and then. Some people decided to quit the Kitmaker Forums to move to other old style forums.

Nevertheless, how do you think about the old site now?

Honestly, I disliked the old site. It was a very cumbersome user experience. IMHO. But over time I was able to tolerate navigating through its outstanding content.

I really enjoy the new KitMaker, as it is so easy to use and it has many great features as well! … I do have one big peeve: The ads take up much more space than ever before. And I often find them to be somewhat distasteful and strategically placed literally in the middle of content to confuse one’s mind. … Sadly, I beleve we’ll never get away from that.

Thank’s to all the Staff for making KitMaker such a pleasant experience!



Never had an issue with the old site before, yes it had its quirks but that was a minor issue in my mind from a user point of view. I get why Jim had to change and this platform is good and easy to use. Ad placement aside as @justsendit mentioned.

All that said, I don’t think the archiving went as well as hoped. While the google search is better then the old search as I recall, something seems off about it and lots of photos are missing. Which makes researching old threads/builds for information less helpful, 1st world problems.

Just being able to post pics with relative ease makes a huge difference; generally, I like it very much. The ads thing can be annoying but then, on occasion, they seem to include lingerie ads, so that sort of makes my day.


The ad context is based on the users web history if I am not mistaken but I like them too.

Oops! Well, that speaks volumes then!


New site is light years ahead of old . Much easier to use , particularly loading photos.

Never had a problem with the old site,and have gotten use to this one,works fine for me.

Getting used to it. And don’t the adds just reflect your recent, or most often, shopping browsing? :roll_eyes:
:grinning: :canada:

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Easier to use. No complaints at all.

Well i liked the old site, this looks better indeed (after a year off getting used to it i must admit) but i have the feeling less people contribute to the content but this could also be me. Personally this last year was without much modeling unfortunately so hopefully this will change. Yes the add’s are ok but getting mails every so many day’s is annoying (probably this can be changed but i havent figured that out… i was missing de old badge section but this has been sorted :+1:

Pros and cons…when you weight it all up, the new site wins everytime hands down…

Now…where are those ads… :joy:

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For me I liked the look of the old site but the ease of use makes this site the winner by far.
I wonder if the user/ viewer numbers are better on the new site VS the old site. I wonder if the other forums are experiences losses also?

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Wait for it… wait for it… :laughing:


The old site had some perks and was more colorful, but the new site is more ergonomic and easier to see.

For instance, the Campaign Badges and Medals on the old site were too small to see and read. The new site showcases these badges a lot better.

I suppose that the main bugaboo about the new site is that a lot of modelers have since left, retired, moved on to Facebook, passed away, moved away, or quit the hobby or posting as the traffic doesn’t seem as much as with the old site.

I guess if I had to come up with a complaint it would be when making the move to the new site we all got a new “joined” date. Trivial but it’s all I could think of.

In your profile you could state when you first joined.
here is part of my profile.

“I started modeling about 1965 and have modeled on and off since then. I joined Armorama in August 2002 and have enjoyed the discussions with other modelers from around the world.”

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I am all about the new site. Just the fact that you can drag and drop images without having to worry about image hosts would make it a win for me but the rest of the features are really good too. Bookmarks, a mostly working search feature etc. All good stuff!


He want the join date from the old site I believe. @TopSmith .

On the other note, I find the new forums to be much more efficient. Its search engine work wonderful, but it is likely the reason we see less new people. On the old forums, it is way to hard to look for older threads to get info, so new people have to ask again and again. Now most of them can look for what they needed instantaneously.

Young folks like me are very active on live chat services, such as Discord, which adds to the slow growth of the Kitmaker forums.


Is there an active scale modeling Discord community out there? We have ours of course but it’s most people chatting via text and images and I don’t think there has been much in the way of voice chat.