Socom M-ATV

I want to share the challanging project I’m working on:
converting a RyeField M1240 M-ATV into a SOCOM M1245.

I have also purchased the Echelon decal set “Marsoc, Navy Seals, SFG vehicle Markings”.

On top of the Ryefield kit I’m going to use the Live Resin M153 Protector Crows II with M240; this set comes with an M240 but, if feasible, I’ll replace the M240 with an M2.

The M1245 is different in many parts from the M1240;
to address this I have left the modelling workbench and have used my 3D drawing software.
The following parts, printed by Shapeways, are on their way to me:
front bumper
windshield glass frames (larger than in the M1240 model)
cargo bay base and rear fenders
rear bumper
cargo bay walls
tac flir system
tow bar (on the most recent pictures of SOCOM M-ATV I have seen installed a new type of tow bar)

There are some more parts in the drawing phase, for example the spare tire support.

More will be scratch built with styrene, for example the cabinets for the radio equipments in the cargo bay.

As of now I don’t plan to detail the interior, that again is very different from the M1240, 5 seats instead of 4 and a door from the cabin to the cargo bay.

I’m very interested in getting your comments and suggestions.


Will be keeping my eyes on this one. I know all the extra 3D models in your store, it will be great to see them all in converting the standard M-ATV into the SOCOM vehicle… Keep us posted.


Me too. I have used Ettore fabrication components for the GMV M1165 and was very pleased.

I will be watching closely, great to see that you are ready to put it all together.

The RFM M-ATV is by far the best way to start off. I have built the Bronco MATV & let’s just say less than I expected. I would check with Live Resin but I’m not sure Ma-Deuce will fit the M-240 bracket but I’d go big every chance you get!
GOOD LUCK, anxiously awaiting the build pics.


Another follower here!! These are the works I like to watch.

@Poppa6 M-ATV Bronco? Are you sure…?



Do you have any pictures of the real M1245?

A few more here :

and here :

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This look to be a fun build to watch…CornBeer


Have you seen the version these versions?

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I have built a Panda Hobby “M-ATV with Crows II RWS” in 2017 and I can confirm that the RFM model is way ahead of the Panda one.
In case anyone is interested, I have published a construction history of that Panda model at this URL.

This is the vehicle that I’m taking inspiration from.
It has a partial camo scheme that makes it different from the usual sand yellow painted M-ATV’s.
I have seen pictures of other vehicles with a similar camo scheme, if I’m not wrong they have been used in support of Kurdish forces in the final phase of the fight against ISIS.


That’s a sweet looking truck

Very interesting vehicle, look forward to following your build :+1:t2::blush:

There are some very interesting images out there of the 1245 in camo colours, if you go looking… It was a forlorn hope of mine that Ryefield would do the SF version for that reason…
images (41)


Creature comfort…



I know what the image is (hauling a civilian trailer, my fav) but the link to the photo is broken ;o(

Not usre if anyone has watched “the LIne”

but during the program you can get some very nice close ups of Seal Team’s MATV’s


That’s weird Bill, because it’s OK on my side, and three other members even gave it a “like”…