Some interesting entries on Scalemates

I was playing with the filters and found some 1/35 1/32 stuff slated for release later this year that may or may not have already been mentioned on the site:

I am pretty sure the array of PzKpfw II Ausf a1, a2, and b tanks coming from IBG have already been mentioned. Dragon is reissuing their SdKfz 251/23 Ausf D.

I am also glad I did not get the 1/16 Stug III for Christmas as I actually am more interested in the upcoming early version with winterketten.

But how cool is this:


I hope the 251/8 comes with an interior!
ICM’s homepage does not show a 251/8 however.

This looks very interesting too.

ITEM: 35620SCALE: 1/35

WWII German Military Medical Personnel


A “Krankenpanzerwagen” must be going very fast! :wink: