Something funny related to painting models

I know this won’t apply to everyone but it’s how I’ve felt at times after spending hours engrossed in painting a model, leaving it a couple of days and then going back only to see something very different to what I thought I’d achieved :joy:


I’ll be honest, that’s why I strongly dislike painting. I love the building; the research, the detailing, just the whole process of building. When it comes to painting, I loathe it. I always feel like my projects turn into the Pooh at the bottom.

Now ask me how many airbrushes I own. Six! Why? because I am a tool fanatic. They all pretty much do the same thing, but I have 6 of them, and don’t like using any of them. I am not even sure the number of paint bottles I have but it is a lot.

Thank you for putting my feelings on painting into a visual representation!


Take heart guys, there are thousands of photos of 1:1 originals that were painted & weathered far worse than many of our scale replicas. I think we often get so hung up on trying to emulate the best modelmakers’ work that we lose sight of the source material and its highly variable appearance. That’s my excuse anyway :face_with_peeking_eye:


Sounds good…however a screwed up paint job on a kit, just looks screw up. A screwed up paint job on a 1:1 vehicle just looks interesting.


Even Disney can do a better remake.


I love all elements of the research, building and painting. It’s just that sometimes I’ll be sat there thinking “I am nailing the fabric shadows/skin tones” but then come back a bit later and it looks no better than the models in the cabinet that I made 25 years ago. So I guess my modelling skill level is 16 year old me :joy: