Something New - Centurion Mk.5 w/Dozer

Well. This was not delivered. Instead I found it at a Hobby Store in Dallas. I was hoping for a Chieftain. But they didn’t have one. One Question. Is it possible to upgrade this kit to an Israeli version? If so what would I need to do. It’s going to be awhile before I will be starting on it. But it will be great to Know what I will need to acquire.

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The first 16 Centurions were Mk. 5, according to Dr. Robert Manasherob’s “Centurion Tanks of the IDF, Shot Vol. 1”. I don’t know if any dozer blades were provided.

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OK Thanks. Yeah I don’t plan on installing the dozer blade. But if Im not able to convert it to an IDF version I will go with British colors and markings.

AFV-Club 35159 was/is the kit for the Israeli version of the Mk 5 Centurion

Download the instructions here:

The IDF upgraded the Centurions with diesel engines (same as in M60’s) so they got new engine
decks resembling the M60:

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You could build it as an OG Mk5, but to do it as the Sho’t as offered in their kit, you’ll need an L7 105mm gun and a few other details. To really do it right you’d need to modify the rear hul a bit.

This is not the AFV Club kit, but rather the old Tamiya kit. However, it does show the hull modification you’d need to make for a Six Day War Variant with the upgraded gun.


Oh WOW. Okay. Think I will stick to building it as a British model. Or I Could gift it to my Brother for His Birthday this fall. Then find an actual IDF Model for myself.

Nice to see so many people that know their IDF kits…

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ehmm, ummmm … :grin:
I just know how to use Google …
but in this case I actually have both of those kits and
I have looked at the plastic parts

So I stand corrected and I apologize for over reacting. I took it the wrong way. So Sorry Guys. Thanks for all the help on the subject.

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The Diesel/105mm upgrade (Shot Kal) didn’t happen until 1969, so an out-of-the-box build of the Mk. 5 is OK as an IDF vehicle. About the only thing to change might be the radio antennas.

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Yes, the kit above is still the gasoline version, but has the extended armored fuel tank at the rear of the hull, just as the later diesel units did. It requires blanking off the top rear vents to enclose the fuel tank, and addding cooling lo(u)vers to the transmission doors. I sed inertial filters from Cannon and Company. I also made exhaust defletors from brass.

Okay a lot of you don’t know me and or anything about me but if you look the instruction sheets on any of these really stuff done by AFV club you’ll see my name and my picture in a lot of the credits. Now to clarify things I wasn’t criticizing anybody I was actually stating my appreciation for the people that answered and gave the correct answer. And now we know why model building is a solitary hobby. Out

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Thanks. I’m going to go with an actual IDF Centurion. I’m looking at one to purchase in the next few months.

I owe you an Apology Brother. So I Do Apologize. I purchased the kit without really knowing that much about the kit. Then I thought about doing the conversation. BUT, Thanks to you guys and some research. I’ve decided to go with an actual IDF Version. It’s price is about the same as this one. which I’m going to give to my brother for his Birthday this year.

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