Spare Pins for Masterclub Tracks

Had a bit of a disaster and lost a large number of pins for Master Club Panther tracks i am putting together. Is there anywhere i can get new pins from. Otherwise I will have to use wire or similar

At least my experience is that they have like 40 to 50 extra pins in the box, so it is possible that not all is lost, especially if you have more MasterClub tracks (for different vehicles, maybe)

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When all else fails, you can use the proper diameter wire to connect. I have lost many to sloppy tweezer work and the carpet monster.

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You’ll be lucky to get them from Master Club. Master Club are a RuZZian company and if you’re trying to buy spares or replacements from most countries in the EU, you’ll find that their products are Persona Non Grata (and rightly so).

Thanks all I’ll see how far I get with pins left. Probably use some wire then hide with mud on tracks.

Hi all just an update I did have enough pins in the end. I thought I had lost more than I thought.