Sparmax compressor

I want to replace my longtime AC-100 with either TC-610H Plus or TC-620X, the difference is single vs double piston and slightly higher price of the second.
Any opinion of the difference between the two-noise, airflow etc.?


While I don’t have any of the air compressors listed, I will share my .02 worth of opinion.

The TC-620X is a big investment and no doubt an excellent choice. If it is QUIET I would consider it.

Nothing quiet like jumping half out of your seat spilling paint and or hosing model etc when deep into AB session because a banshee whailing death rattle compressor cycles on to ruin one’s day :expressionless: Its safe to say I hate noisy compressors for AB work. In the garage they are A-OK.

When painting compressor noise bothers me so I want a tank and pressure switch set up that’s as quiet as possible.

I’d spend the extra $100 for the Iwata-Medea Studio Series Power Jet Pro personally. It’s the closest thing available I’ve seen to my custom built rotary air brush compressor that’s as quiet as a refrigerator compressor and can support three AB’s.

When my 33 year old AB compressor fails it will be replacedwith an Iwata-Medea Studio Series Power Jet Pro

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Buy one.

Purchased the Sparmax TC-620x late last year and it is well worth every cent.

It is super quiet.

Youtube has a couple of people who did a demo on how quiet it is.

Yes it is dearer but it’s an investment that will last for years.

Designed for the modeller.

  • Advantages

Sound - Super quiet
Duel air outlets
Filter regulator - a must with airbrushing models.
The TC620X has airbrush holders on the top of the housing.
The cut in and cut out of the compressor does not impede airflow

  • Disadvantages

Have not found any
Some people say the on/off switch is not in the right place. I don’t think this is an issue but each to thier own.

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From what I have read, a twin cylinder fills the tank faster, meaning it doesn’t run as long, there for lasting longer before wearing out

I am looking at the Sparmax 620 or a Paasche DR600R. In many ways they seem similar.


I will go for the TC-620X :slight_smile: