Sparmax compressor

I want to replace my longtime AC-100 with either TC-610H Plus or TC-620X, the difference is single vs double piston and slightly higher price of the second.
Any opinion of the difference between the two-noise, airflow etc.?


While I don’t have any of the air compressors listed, I will share my .02 worth of opinion.

The TC-620X is a big investment and no doubt an excellent choice. If it is QUIET I would consider it.

Nothing quiet like jumping half out of your seat spilling paint and or hosing model etc when deep into AB session because a banshee whailing death rattle compressor cycles on to ruin one’s day :expressionless: Its safe to say I hate noisy compressors for AB work. In the garage they are A-OK.

When painting compressor noise bothers me so I want a tank and pressure switch set up that’s as quiet as possible.

I’d spend the extra $100 for the Iwata-Medea Studio Series Power Jet Pro personally. It’s the closest thing available I’ve seen to my custom built rotary air brush compressor that’s as quiet as a refrigerator compressor and can support three AB’s.

When my 33 year old AB compressor fails it will be replacedwith an Iwata-Medea Studio Series Power Jet Pro

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Buy one.

Purchased the Sparmax TC-620x late last year and it is well worth every cent.

It is super quiet.

Youtube has a couple of people who did a demo on how quiet it is.

Yes it is dearer but it’s an investment that will last for years.

Designed for the modeller.

  • Advantages

Sound - Super quiet
Duel air outlets
Filter regulator - a must with airbrushing models.
The TC620X has airbrush holders on the top of the housing.
The cut in and cut out of the compressor does not impede airflow

  • Disadvantages

Have not found any
Some people say the on/off switch is not in the right place. I don’t think this is an issue but each to thier own.

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From what I have read, a twin cylinder fills the tank faster, meaning it doesn’t run as long, there for lasting longer before wearing out

I am looking at the Sparmax 620 or a Paasche DR600R. In many ways they seem similar.


I will go for the TC-620X :slight_smile:

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Great choice, Don’t turn the air on the top knob up to max. You go through air quick and when the motor turns back on you’ll have an increased flow which will throw off your spray pattern. Play around with the amount, but mine is set to 42 PSI. The air in the tank last longer. Don’t forget the bleed valve is underneath the tank and a good practice is once a week. I never turn my 620 off. The number of times I’ve heard it refill when not in use is extremely rare.