Sprue goo. Love it or leave it?

Sprue goo is never far from my bench and I keep a couple different thickness of that magic stuff.
Do you use the goo ?

:baby_bottle: on the bench, almost never used.

I generally dislike Sprue Goo :-1: as a filler. I’ve tried it several times.

Thinned Molak Stucco, Tamiya Basic, Mr Surfacer, extra liquid cement & squeeze, extra coat of paint, super glue & accelerator, Evergreen :evergreen_tree: sheet, strip & rod etc all normally work better in my experience. There are exceptions of course etc.

No and maybe yes, it’s a matter of definition.
The No part:
I fill holes with pieces of styrene (bits of sprues, thick or thin plasticard, the number flags from sprues, stretched sprue, basically any old piece of styrene that fits and doesn’t manage to hide in time).

The Yes part:
Sometimes I am rather generous with the solvent, ethyl acetate, when pressing the bits of styrene into position which in a way could be seen as ‘instant goo’, made on the spot …


No, never. Tried it a couple of times, but did not like the results.

I do the same as Robin - stretched sprue or evergreen rod to fill holes. I also use punched styrene discs and Tamiya grey putty for knock out marks, Perfect Plastic Putty for fine joins, Tamiya Grey or Magic Sculpt for wider ones, etc.


Made my first batch using Tamiya extra thin cement and chopped sprue mixed in the bottle. Testing. Stay tuned.

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I never felt it gave me enough control. I prefer putty. Once it’s the way I want it I give it a light coat of the very thin CA glue to toughen the surface and even out the texture.


Im going to give it try as well as a specific type of Bondo (forget the number) that I’ve seen recommended. Never afraid to experiment when needed plus I have an almost empty bottle of extra thin to experiment with.

I use it for knock out marks and to create a rolled steel texture