SprueBrothers Weekend special

20% off all RFM.

Every Friday I look forward to this time of the day for the weekend special.
While it’s good for my wallet, the one Rye Field kit I wanted (Sheridan) is out of stock.

Bummer. It’s a nice kit. I built it a few months back. Some small PE but other than that nothing major.


Wow, that Sheridan looks great. Nice job.

I’m sure in 6 months or so they’ll cycle back to having RFM be the discounted manufacturer. Just placed a Sprue Brothers order that included a couple DEF wheel sets. The stock on one of the items was decreasing so I didn’t dare wait to see if DEF was going to be the weekend discount. So in that sense, I’m happy it was Rye Field.


Good things come to those that wait. :grin: :grin:

It’s been awhile since they’ve done RFM. Seems they do Takom and MiniArt more often.

Must fight the temptation! I’ve never built an rfm kit but I was curious, what makes them so special? They seem to be quite a bit more expensive than other brands. I’m considering picking one up but just wanted to know what makes them worth the high price tag

I’ve built several and found them to be good kits. Some PE is usually included. Some of it can be fiddly but the amount is not overwhelming. Tracks are usually individual links and they are workable if you take your time, although they can be a bit of a challenge. Overall detail is better than Tamiya but not MiniArt T55 like. Fit is good. Instructions are are generally clear and easy to read. If you’ve slogged through a MiniArt kit a RFM build should not present any problems for you.
The kits that I did that are the M4A3E8 and the Gulf War Sheridan. See link above for the Sheridan build.

Perfect thanks for the detailed response. The big benefit to come out of that Miniart kit is kits that previously would have been challenging seem to go fast!

I’ll take a look, haven’t built a tiger in a loooong time, might be time again :tiger:

I should have snagged the Sheridan when I got the email, but I didn’t. Oh well. I’ll get it sooner or later.