SS 249 Flasher in 1/72 (Revell Gato Kit)

This might possibly be useful:

Car bodies, not gym bodies …

Robert, gutsy move. Can’t wait to see your progress.

I need to check on your progress.

It has been slow going lately. Busy with other stuff.

@18bravo, hi Rob - any updates on this project? You got me hooked!



None in the past several weeks. I’ve gotten caught up doing a lot of 1099 work, couple of bike builds, and entertaining the CFO, which usually involves spending time making ammo. Mine, not hers.

I plan to dig into it again this weekend, Thanks for the interest.

I got a pretty cool offer at SOF Week for a build that could potentially eat up quite a bit of my time. Right now I’m trying to decide if it should be a ground up build or a heavily modified new bike. I think a Scout would be a great starting point.