Stalingrad factory diorama 1:35

Oh, so that is how it works. What do you mean by the fence?
Thank you so much for the feedback, it really helps :smile:

Edit: maybe something like this?

Fence: basically anything that would prevent the pipe from being damaged by whatever moves past.
Concrete wall, heavy steel beams, closely spaced concrete pillars, something similar if vehicles are involved.
If it is only people walking then a simple fence is sufficient.
A few questions you can ask before adding something:
What is it?
Why is it in this position?
What is the consequence of something being in a specific place?

Each and every object has a history and a story to tell.
A simple brick is simply a small component of a wall, easy.
A single brick in the middle of a floor? What is it doing there? Is it covering a booby trap trigger?
Waiting for the enemy to kick it aside?
Why is the pipe crossing the floor? Why did someone place it there? A piece of broken pipe on the floor has fallen down from somewhere.

Nice image!
Lifts the pipe off the ground. Check!
I would add a steel beam tying together the ends of those supports if I expect
vehicles to drive alongside the pipe.

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Thanks a lot! I will make something like that for my diorama.

Little update:
I made the first window:

I don’t know if I am gonna go with this one. I kinda don’t like it and don’t know why.

For the second window I want to add something like this but with a normal pipe:

This is just a try out how it would work out:

I would like to have something like this but it is far beyond my modelling skills :smile:


Hey, I have another ‘stupid’ question.
Does this make sense?
The big I beam won’t be going all the way I just did not want to glue it. The same goes for the other construction.
So my plan is that the i beam will be halfway ‘sunk’ in to the bricks and the bricks around will be destroyed. On the i beam comes the roof construction. If this plan makes sense and it could be done in this way do I put the second i beam as seen in the last picture?

I know that these question can sound stupid to someone but I really care about things like this :smiley:


The second beam on top of the wall: What would the purpose of this beam be?

The wall can support the roof so there is no need for a beam.
I don’t believe (note: believe) that roofs were flat so there would need to be some structure on top of the beam to carry the external roof.

Just the beam or beams would carry the second floor of the factory. The second floor could have been damaged and partially fallen in,älje&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQkq3J1-n2AhUjtYsKHSLHCZMQ_AUoAXoECAIQAw&biw=1262&bih=910&dpr=1
The above image search brings up inside and outside pictures of the Pythagoras factory in the Swedish town Norrtälje. They produced hot bulb engines:

They did this until one day when they realised that the market had disappeared. The factory closed down after a series of bankruptcies, the workers went home and the factory stood untouched for many years. Tools left on the workbenches et.c. Now it is a museum.

The roof construction in the Pythagoras factory is made with wood beams but the principle is the same.

Factory interior 1

Factory interior 2

Factory interior 3

Factory interior 4

Factory interior 5


Thanks for the insides!
I do not plan the second floor.
I want to make roof like this:

I just wanted the i beam to be the load bearing beam that the roof construction will be layed on.
Thanks again!

Edit: I think that I will not put this construction in there:

But I want to have some beams/construction in there so it does not look empty. Maybe I will keep it in there. Any ideas?

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Small update:

I tried to do the ‘frame’ for the pipes:

I don’t know. It looks weird. It looks more like the thing I used to jump over in school :grin::

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Well, they are essentially doing the same thing.
What you could add is a diagonal
This prevents the support from collapsing sideways

Nice solution for the pipes inside the factory.
I would add diagonals above “head height”
Something like this:
or possibly with a cross on both sides (4 diagonals instead of the two
I sketched in)


Noted! I will definetly add something like that. I made the piping and the stand for them.

I know that the pipes come in to the factory apart and then they come out together. It is just a temporary solution because they are just placed there without glue so I get the image how it will look like.


Attempt on a roof construction:

What do you think?


I would be TOTALLY happy if I managed to make such a good looking roof support.
:+1: :smiley:

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Thanks! :smiley:
I am experimenting with the main load bearing I beam:

Again, any opinions or suggestions are very welcome!


I put it all together:


This is how it looks like when added to the factory:

What do you think that I should add here?

I think either continue the brick wall or build some steel ‘wall’ in there - but how?
And I would like know how will I make the battle damage to the steel constructions. Could just be the building damaged from bullets and shrapnels and the corrugated metal roof blown off and the constructions would stand intact?

Edit: Do you think I should add something to this wall? In german factories I have seen big Rauchen verboten painted on the wall. Do you know anything that could be used in a soviet ww2 factory? I was thinking about some bricked up window/door. I think that they would be bricked up in only one row bricks in stretcher bond. If this is true I do not have think xps foam like that. Or is it done differently?


I’m really mad because I accidentally deastroyed the panzer III model… :angry:
A bunch of books and a shelf dopped on it so it is completely broken :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Could this be an alternative? I looked up the 14th panzer division and it fought in stalingrad.
Or maybe a stug III? Some opinions would be helpful because I do not know all of the types and when and where they were used.
or perhaps this?

But I dont knwo about the decals…

i think you’ve done amazing work so far, please keep us updated.

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I believe the 191th Stug regiment (the Buffalo) was not present at Stalingrad. It was fighting at Sevastopol before evacuated to the Balkans and Greece

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But the stug III ausf E fought in Stalingrad right? I could maybe buy some new decals.