Star Trek TOS, Arena 1:12 scale

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Star Trek TOS - Arena 1:12 scale


Figure’s - Kirk is from Mezco and I repainted his face and hands using Vallejo Paints and dirtied him up using pastel chalks. The translator was made using plastic rod and plastic card and the vine is string painted brown and the leaves are Fine leaf foliage from Woodland Scenics.

The Gorn is from Diamond Select Toys and I glued and puttied up the joints and painted him using Vallejo Paints and his translator was done the same as kirks and his coal knife was made using foam.

Base - is high density foam as are the rocks, the rocks were shaped out then covered with watered down spakfilla and painted and weathered using Vallejo Paints.

The sand is a mix of spakfilla/fine sand and paint and then applied to the base and the area were the sand is disturbed was done by applying a few washes and then applying pastel chalks.


Really good eye painter :+1:t3:


Looks great, you did not give him the ripped shirt that he ended up wearing every other episode.

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“Monster” costumes / makeup sure have come a long way. Compare the Gorn (what a great word: GORN! I could walk around saying it all day. :rofl:) to Hellboy - yep, come a long way. Thanks for this; nice work!


Still going on 60 years later… :rofl:


Ron @hemble , not sure if build campaigns are an area of interest for you, but in a few days I will starting a SciFi group build taking in all the Big 3 Universes… Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars… The link to the proposal is below, would be great if you decided to join in …

The Big 3 Universes - Star Wars-Star Trek - BSG - Proposal - Interested?

Hi All,

@kosprueone - thanks heaps mate and after doing 1/35 and 1/18 eyes over the years 1/12 scale is easy LOL.

@Floridabucco - cheers mate and lol and yeah these two will never die.

@Evan - thanks heaps mate.

@Johnnych01 - I’ll be very interested in it mate and thanks for the link.