Starting a British style halftrack in Normandy (International Harvester)

In my continuing project showing the Commonwealth Forces in action in Normandy I decided I want to show a halftrack. I am still debating what the dio will portray as far as action goes but experts inform me my usual topic to model will be out of the question because the 15th (Scottish) Inf Div. did not have tracks. So it will be showing a 8th Brigade vehicle from the Rifle Regt.
I also discovered through help on here that the British used a particular version of the track. Of course this is not available in kit form so it took me a bit to see what was out there.
I decided on the Dragon kit as donor ( mostly because it was the only one available online ! I also found Shapeways 3D printing offered a conversion. This combo turned out to be the most expensive model I have ever built !
Here is the start

The printed card was slightly warped through no fault of Shapeways. It looks like the shipping box had been deliberately stomped on by the USPS !

Anyway I got down to it and here is the first nights’ efforts. I used the first printed piece to replace the front differential. To be perfectly honest it isn’t much of a change and it won’t be seen anyway but hey. It wasn’t cheap so it will be used ! LOL.

This is all new ground for me so I could use any intel the experts here may provide.
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So the front axel isn’t powered?
Looking forward to your build with 3D parts.

Ummmm yes, it’s powered. That’s why it has a differential. Unless I am missing something ?

I think the replacement 3D front axel might have caused the confusion. If you don’t know the prototype vehicle very well, the replacement 3D part could imply that the kit didn’t include the front-wheel drive parts.

This will be a really interesting build. The commonwealth variant halftracks are subjects that everybody has been clamoring for forever, but alas no injection kit manufacturer has ever seen fit to release them (in 1/35). Very seldom see anyone do the major lifting to do the conversion work from the US versions.

Also looking forward to and following this project!

Thanks for sharing, Jer!

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The IHC M5 halftrack had a different (IHC) front axle than the M3 as in the kit. The 3D printed set is very complete in the conversion from M3 to M5 halftrack.

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Had to do some Google-Fu
The M3 (and variants) had Timken split type front axles and Banjo rears.
The International Harvester Company (IHC) variants had Banjo type differentials made by IHC front AND rear.



I have this shapeways 3d, half way through doing a REME variant, picture to follow of my build when home from India.


Thanks Mike for the words of encouragement. I will need a lot during this one. New territory for me.

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Thanks I don’t think anyone is questioning that ? Or ?
Total newbie here for this topic,

Thanks Googlemeister,
Very exact intel there,

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India ?? I thought Mountbatten gave it up ?
Sorry, poor historical joke. I would appreciate any advice for sure.

If the parts were damaged, and you have photos showing that, you can contact shapeways and they will send new parts.

I see now


Yes I already did and they said they would print new ones but I think I can make these work. I did send them a suggestion on how they could cheaply protect the parts to hopefully prevent a repeat.

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I was scratching my head wondering why this end bit to the frame was included as at first I saw no difference between it and the kit part. My bonehead finally figured it out. The IH version is extended !


Mystery solved! :bulb:

Thanks for sharing the info, too. For sure someone else will run into the same puzzle and be grateful that you took the time and effort to do so!

Following along and looking forward to seeing more…

Thank you sir. There are no instructions in the upgrade set but there is a breakdown on the Shapeways website to use.


Yea, one of the things I was referring to when I said there were differences in the frame on the IHC track. Sorry, I should have been clearer about it. Looks like a nice job so far. Hurry and finish, so the kit makers can finally release a model of this one!
Regards, Bob C.

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Thanks man. Yeah, ain’t that the truth ? That’s fer sure, that’s fer DANG sure.

OK I am now into mods that can show an obvious difference from the kit parts. Notably the “flat” front fenders.