Stash Reduction Sale

I’m thinking of lowering my stash a little, any interest? Some big kits for 1/35 scale, most boxes open to check kit. Have quite a few kits for sale will get a list together and post it soon.


I might be interested?

If it is WWII and German I am interested, although I have pretty much all the common vehicles. Might be looking to replace some older kits in case you have any newer versions.

Are you just selling 1/35?

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I too might be interested I am in the hunt for a Jagdtiger maybe Sherman and a jagdpanther

Can you make a list of some 1/35th kits

Sure will j76Ir.
Give me a week or so to do it, as the kits are all over the place. :smiley:


A few Shermans in the mix, but I also like that tank, built a few of them.
Give me a week or two, to get a list together, other things on the table still painting outside, before winter rolls in, at least finish the front. :grinning:

Hi Jeff,
Let me know if you got anything modern vehicles - not WWII and definitely not German WWII. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

im interested in modern and ww2 ( alleid and german espcially odd balls and paper panzers) send me a list with prices.

Okay, will do in a couple of weeks.

Have a few, how modern? M1A2’s.

Yes, 1/35 scale for now.

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Hi Jeff,
M1A2s are good - which brands though?
Modern, IDF, and post-WWII are all considerations. What do you have?

Kind regards,

Academy on the M1A2’s
With TUSK.
Will send pics or a list in about 2 weeks.

Hi Jeff,
PM incoming.

Okay James

Curious if you have a Bradley on the modern side?

No, I do not.

WWII German 1/35 for me.

Let us know what you have!


Will do, soon.