Steffen Arndt

I received some sad news that long time KitMaker member Steffen Arndt has just passed. For those of us who at one time or another built aircraft models and were members of Aeroscale, Steffen was one of the driving core members who specialized in 1/48 aircraft only. I for one will miss Steffen.

We are currently organizing a Memorial GB to honor his memory. Right now we’re trying to focus on scales close to 1/48 scale that is practical based on subject matter. We’re hoping to get models from all the various KitMaker modeling forums.

For more information please visit this thread on Aeroscale:
[In Memoriam - Steffen Arndt | AeroScale - Aircraft / AeroScale / Site Content - KitMaker Network]


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Hi Joel!
If there starts a memorial campaign I would be in. As I knew Steffen personally from his time in Southwest Germany it’s no question. Sadly this would be already my third memorial campaign (Russell Anderson and Edgar Brooks before). Steffen and I build in the same scale and the same era so I would join in with a “Royal Hellcat” from Eduard in 1/48, which I have in my productions plans for this year anyway. Just let me know the start date and I’ll be right there.

Take care!

I also knew Steffen from those days, and also this is my 3rd memorial campaign as yours were. Rowan is organizing the GB on Aeroscale, so that’s where I’ll be joining as well.


Cheers Torsten and Joel

We’ll definitely get the build organised. I’ve never run a campaign before, and these are certainly not the circumstances that I’d have chosen for my first attempt.

Anything you can do to spread the word will be very much appreciated, because I’d love to have as many people join in with models of all types - just bearing in mind the aim to stay as close to Steffen’s favourite 1:48 scale as possible.

Take care and stay safe.

All the best

Rowan :beer: