Stryker Campaign Thread

I know it’s a couple hours early; but let’s go ahead and kick off the 2021 Stryker Campaign.

Start Date: 1 JAN 2021
End Date: 31 DEC 2021

All scales and manufacturers. Open to all Stryker variants.

Be sure to post a couple of in-progress pics and one of your finished work here in this message thread!

Best of luck to everyone and a happy 2021 to all!

Welcome to 2021… Happy New Year everyone :grin:.
Here’s my little 8 wheeled beauty…

Sorry about the different tones… Was trying different flash settings.

Took s few sprues out of the bags, all bits look nice and crisp with some nice details.

I like it that you get a card with ration boxes you can make up and also a sheet with the stowage strapping on.

Not sure if I finish it with the mine roller or the shovel blade, but will build both and decide later.
Will also be getting the tamiya modern US accessories kit for some additional stowage. And a modern US vehicle paint set from AK… I think Forest green is the go to colour for these ? Was that it @SSGToms ??


First the MEV will be built, for which I have decals for 3 / 2cav “Wolfpack” (Vilseck / Germany). If there is still time, the M1296 of the 2 / 2cav will be built.

Gruß Viktor

@Johnnych01 Actually John I recommend you DO NOT get AK Real Colors set # 19, US Army Modern Vehicles. I’ve consulted with several modeling buddies and we can’t figure out where they got the green in that set from because it’s too light. And the Sand color is too grey. I do suggest you get some AK Real Colors, as it’s excellent paint in many ways and it shoots like magic. Just get individual bottles of Forest Green if you want green, or CARC Tan if you want sand. I have NO idea why they didn’t put the Forest Green in the US set. Here’s the Forest Green on my TFFT build, and to me it’s dead-to-nuts spot on -

I’ll also be joining in this campaign with an AFV Club Stryker AT with photo etch and resin wheel sets.
Have to finish the monster TFFT first.

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I haven’t ever used the Forest Green before but to me what’s in the picture above looks awfully light. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be critical. I believe to each their own; but My own personal taste would lean more toward Tamiya XF-67 NATO Green. That’s the beauty of this hobby though, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve got my submission narrowed down to two: either the NBC Stryker or the Stryker Dragoon. I’m working on the Maultier w/ 3.7 cm AAA gun for the Operation Snow White campaign right now. As soon as I get that one finished I’ll decide on a Stryker.

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Thanks @GulfWarrior & @SSGToms … I like both those colours so may use both for different shaded areas depending which is darker or lighter, but will test both.

I second Richards opinion on Tamiya XF-67. Usually, Strykers are pretty clean looking, no big chipping. Take into consideration that the surfaces are covered with MEXAS armor, which is ceramic and henceforth don`t rust. All you can apply weatheringwise is a decent layer of Grafenwöhr dust.
MEXAS add-on armor on Wikipedia.

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Thanks for those tips Hermann, it’s my first Stryker, so all advice is greatly appreciated on anything that will help with its build and finish.

Hi John,
this site provides some pics on Strykers on exercises in Germany.


Thanks @HermannB for that link. There are some great images there. One thing I did notice, on alot of the pics and on some of those the wagon looks on level ground but there is a massive tilt angle going up from rear wheels to the front. The rear is almost touching the rear wheel whereas the front has a massive gap over it ? And then on other images the whole body looks pretty level ? Is there a feature that allows the crew to alter the ride height for the suspension ?
Also the trailer in some of the pics, is that an issued type of trailer for this wagon and if yes, are they made by any manufacturers ? Still not sure if I’m doing the roller or blade attachment on this one :thinking:. Thanks Hermann :+1:

Hi John,
yes, the suspension is adjustable. Some crews prefer to ride butt-down, others prefer level ride. The trailer is an M200A1 either with MICLIC or mine dispenser. The trailer is or was available from HobbyFan but is was quite expensive then, I think more than 100 Euros. A suggested reading are the books by WWP Publications. If you dont know which device to attach, why dont you get another kit and build one with blade and one with roller? :+1:

Two types of MICLIC trailer out there, one with wheels.

[M58 Mine Cleaning Line Charge/M200A1](

and one with tracks

@GulfWarrior @Johnnych01 @HermannB I was airbrushing the AK Forest Green today so I shot a test card. Here is AK Interactive Real Colors Forest Green on the left and Tamiya XF - 67 Nato Green on the right. The Forest Green isn’t lighter, they’re just different shades of green. The NATO Green is a brighter green, and the Forest Green is a greyer green. So, it’s up to you.


Thanks for doing that Matt… I’m getting a restock of some paints soon so will be ordering both and the CARC tan you told me about :+1:

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I might have to check out the CARC Tan.

I’m really wanting to do one of each of the Stryker variants. I’m just dreading that bird cage armor! :frowning: I’ve read that the US Army is working on an air defense variant too. They will keep this group build going for YEARS!! :smile:

:beer: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Would they use a similar set up for Strykers like they use on the LAV Anti Air wagon ? I was looking for one of those.

First crews undergo training with IM SHORAD.
More possibilities:

  • M1126 ICV-S
  • M1126 ICV-J
  • M1130 WIN-T
  • Stryker TEWS Tactical Electronic Warfare System
    BTW crews training the IM SHORAD are from Katterbach base near Ansbach. Maybe I can get close to them in better times.

P.S. The reload progress for Hellfire missile is a little awkward. How about a missile reload Stryker? :grin: