Stupid Question - AMMO by MIG

Hi there.

Probably a really stupid question, but do MIG acrylic airbrush paints used for German 3-Tone patterns come out of the bottle already ‘toned down’?

I used to use Tamiya acrylics but the pigments were too dark when used directly onto 1/35 scale armour. I used to mix in about 25% white to tone them down.

So before I start spraying, is it reccommended to give the MIG acrylics the same treatment?

MIG paints are tone shifted to be scale effect correct for 1/35 right out of the bottle. However, scale effect is a VERY personal thing, I have found. It’s hard to find two guys who agree on what’s right. Test shoot some paint on styrene sheet or an old model. How does it look to your eye? That’s what’s most important.


That’s exactly what I would say. Test it, and if you like it, go for it.

I would only recommend NOT using AMMO colors at all, since I find them behaving awefully in general, but hey, again, just my opinion and they
might work like a charm for you! :slight_smile:

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Oh, i havent had any problems with them at all so far, don’t need to thin them for the airbrush and pretty consistent i’d say.

If i had to make a criticism, its that they don’t lend themselves well to paint brushing - for dry brush work etc.

They do have a new product out just for that, I haven’t tried them though.

They’ve worked for me in the past, but i’ve used better paints, for sure.

I find the mig paints to be fairly inconsistent too, or maybe they just need a more delicate application than my heavy handed approach will allow!

With Tamiya I find them too dark also but lighten with appropriate colours. I wouldn’t really use white for all colours though. Yellow, or yellow/green for green, buff or deck tan or khaki for brown, and white for greys or yellows, although there are infinite concoctions possible! And I find using some clear gloss added to tamiya colours really helps with getting a consistent colour which doesn’t change too much with all the other processes we like to go through. They are too Matt out of the bottle I think. Oh, and I also find lacquer thinner to really help with spraying tamiya, very much so. And so much more forgiving than all these new true acrylics…

I’m all for non toxic paints, but there is a price to pay, either way.

Cheers, J.

Happy to be corrected on this, but I I believe Tamiya’s colours were originally designed for larger scales and thus aren’t totally accurate for 1/35.

Good night, I really like them. Zero odors. Tricks? Although they advise to use them directly from the bottle, I dissolve them with their diluent. Unlike Tamiya, Gunze or Real Color by AK, for an ideal finish, do not try to cover the base in a single pass as is usually done with these lacquer paints.

I just bought a few of them and haven’t tried them out yet. However, they do look promising.



I bought one color to try out, haven’t used it yet though.
If I like them, I may buy more.

I have been using AMMO acrylics for years now. Obviously it took some practice and playing around with pressure and dilution rates, but I can say that am very happy with the product. I always dilute it with their own thinner and also some drops of flow improver.