Super glue nozzles

Anyone know how to clean a gummed up super glue spout/nozzle? I have two half full bottles of BSI one thin and one thick. Both have clogged nozzles, so I have to unscrew the cap to get glue. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

If it can’t be fixed that’s fine I have more glue on order, but I would be curious how to prevent glue from hardening in the nozzle later

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I’ve drilled them out before. Might be worth unscrewing the cap, setting the bottle somewhere safe and then trying some debonder to soften the clog.

You can also order new nozzles.

This is also why I’ve given up on extra thin. Too messy.


It sounds somewhat self evident once I say it, but:

I always make sure to get it out of the nozzle before recapping. I generally do this by slowly squeezing as much air out of the bottle as I can, and then releasing pressure on the bottle, letting air back into the nozzle.
However, on the rare occasions when I am forgetful, I’m usually able to run a small drill bit into it, and then I pull out the plug of dried CA. Failing that I snip the end of the nozzle off.


Yeah, a drill bit. But because of this I started buying really small bottles of super glue because after a point it’s not worth farting around with…

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I normally do that too, but when I moved across the continent the superglue bottle must have gotten jostled around a lot. It was fine before I left and now it’s right plugged

You managed to drive almost 3500km without breaking any models but destroyed a bottle of glue? :laughing:


Currently have the same issue. Cap now has gouges and teeth marks from my efforts to loosen. Never sticks PE that well :joy:.

Above advice from others seems to work for me. I also just let the cap sit on the nozzle for a minute or so after use, in order to let any remaining glue in the nozzle tip drain back into the bottle before screwing tight. Seems to help prevent a repeat.


Don’t worry the irony isn’t lost on me one bit! My archer which I was most worried about due to fragile parts is completely unscathed but a bottle of glue is now rendered completely useless

D1GG3r321 speaks truth!

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I have a bent piece of wire. When I finish with the glue I slip the piece of wire into the nozzle and give it several twists. The wire prevents the air getting in. Next time I want the glue I spin the wire a few times which breaks away any glue and remove the wire. Good to go.


That’s a great idea!

For the thin glues, these work very well and rarely clog. If they do clog up you just nip off the end.

As pinpoint applicators they’re an improvement over the bottle but the glue still makes a hash. I’ve been putting a drop on a piece of glass or tile and using these as applicators.

They’re just the head of a sewing needle with the very tip of the eye ground off. Dip them in the drop of glue and apply where you want. If you touch them to a tissue or piece of paper towel before setting them down after use any left-over glue gets wicked away. The different sizes let me adjust the amount of glue applied.

For clogged bottles, I’ve worked my way around the tip of the spout with a pair of small pliers, squeezing gently and listening for a quiet crackling noise. If there’s no glue on the outside of the tip I can then usually push the solid plug out with a bit of brass rod or the back of a drill bit. Don’t do this with the top on the bottle! :grin:

When that fails…drill it out.


I use the same applicators, I have a piece of glass for cutting the PE but im worried about ruining it to use it for super glue. How do you clean the glue off the glass when done?

Let it dry then use a single edge razor blaze.


Yep, what BGT said. It scrapes off without any fuss.

Perfect!! I’ll take any super glue tips I can. It’s my least favourite medium due to the mess it can make

Try the ground down sewing needles. It’s a revelation.

I’ve been using those for application on my previous build and It was game changing, nice precise application and the thin stuff wicks off the needle into the join!

Yeah, and if you get it just right it only wicks as much glue as the joint can hold. Of course when you get it wrong it’s the usual mess.

You know those pointy awls that Excel makes? Take that, and jam it down the nozzle, works for me everytime.

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