Suspicious post

I just received messages from “Discobot” with a link to “learn more”, which seems to have something in common with another from “System” which arrived simultaneously. They both reference something called “trust level promotion”. I’m not opening either message unless I’m informed that they are legit! Really do NOT want to download malware, or a virus! :rage:


The discobot is a built in training tool which challenges you to use features you haven’t used before.
The discobot is listed as a legit user of the sites (with top notch trust level)
System is the name used as sender of messages when the system detects something that moderators need to look into or to send system generated notifications to other users.

Discobot wants to elevate you from trust level ‘basic’ so that you can access more features.
This web-page explains the trust levels in detail:

/ Robin

Thanks. OK, this makes at least 10 characters!

10 : the local magic number …

I seem to remember a movie called 10. I wonder whether there is a connection.

You seem to be missing “Force … and from Navarone” Phil… :clown_face: :clown_face:

Well there was a "Derek’ that was a sound engineer…

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I did get the intended reference Robin, hence my additional ‘Derek’ comment… :joy:

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