T-14 Armata Zvezda

I agree with all white sometimes is not the best, but as I look out my window in wintry Minnesota there is not a green thing outside at this time of year. Brown and white are most of the two colors I see here.
Great looking model.

However, not ‘oddly’ camouflaged.

I disagree…
If in a splinter camo with white, brown and black I could get behind it. No green!

Yeah, okay Dan, ‘no green’.


Love that camo job Pierre! I t looks great. Looks like something out of the movie “Red Dawn” lol.

Hi all
December was not a productive month for me and I fear January will be quite similar. However I managed to build the tracks. They are the lengths type with separate lengths of guide teeth to glue to the inner face.
The connection of the ends is a bit loose so I decided to drill out the connectors and the links ends and insert bits of Evergreen rod. This worked like a charm. The tracks are partially “working” so you just have to adjust the idlers to get a perfect fit.

Now when I have time I’ll paint the running gear and the lower hull prior to gluing the side skirts.



Looking good :+1:

You might want to remove the small lengths of plastic that connect each guide tooth with the next one, now that they are glued in place, mainly at the lengths of track that are visible from the front and rear.

You’re right. I did it for my 2S35. It’s easy.


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looking nice Olivier :+1:

It look good so far, I am such a fan of link & length tracks even rubber band if they are suitably detailed.

Some more progress on the hull. I still need to add the headlights and their guard and the slat-armor panels at the rear. Weirdly enough Zvezda only shows the right side on the instructions. I guess the other side is just mirrored.



Revell (rebox) at least says that it is mirrored.



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You have done a really nice job with this Olivier. I have to say, I really like the Zvezda kits and the detail and the price … good quality packages. The only bit I would say they need to change is the PE engine mesh instead of the nylon stuff they put in. Great job :+1:


I heartily agree with John, the new Zvezda kits (kit # beginning with 6 or 7) are really outstanding in fit, finish, detail, and engineering. Plus they are in the $30 range when Trumpeter is verging on $100. New Zvezda are some of the best kits on the market fight now.