T-34-76 mod.1943 Uralmash (UZTM) 1/35

So, friends, I’m finishing up the long-term construction. And I want to do this with your participation. I propose the following construction format:

  1. I voice the upcoming stage of work.

  2. Together we discuss all sorts of issues and details of this stage and make a decision.

  3. I am trying to implement this decision.

  4. I post a photo of the result.

  5. Together we analyze the work done.

The task is to make a model that looks like this prototype:

The emphasis in our work will be on painting, name/dedicatory inscriptions, and weathering. The subject of compliance with the material and technical part is not addressed. Without figurines.

Legend: “The tank, which had just been completely assembled, was driven out of the factory workshops and driven to the school building for a rally of teachers and schoolchildren who collected money for the construction of the tank in order to solemnly hand it over to the troops.”

What do you have to say about all this?