T-34/85 campaign

Interesting idea with the track guide, I think I like it. Would have been nice if wrapped all the way around to meet the bottom piece as well. Something is better then nothing if you need help. I want to add one of their new T-34’s to the stash.

That’s green!

the T-34/D30 continues - seats and controls in (not 100% accurate but fills the space in)… thought I was done but then as there is a machine gun I need to add the spare ammo racks (I assume that is what it is in front of the right hand seat… unfortunately no gun parts for the interior so will need to make “something” I guess.


That looks the part Rob. :+1:

Very good job here

Started today on the Campaign, RFM T-34-85 Model 1945 No 174 Factory.

First impressions - this RFM T-34-85 seems like an excellent kit! Quality plastic, good engineering & nice detail!

Decided to take a break from The Three Amigos - Pz IIIN builds


Slacker. :grin:

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Indeed have a case of acute Panzer-III-itis and am sick of looking at Pz III’s - :laughing::rofl:

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So did I, figured I should start mine at some point.


Ooh yah I forgot about this campaign! :laughing:

I hopefully will start my Dragon kit today… just not sure if I’m in the mood for all the PE… the kit comes with a really comprehensive set and metal barrel and I will be also using the Eduard set.


BTW - Sprue Brothers has their RFM T-34-85 #174 on sale for like $27.49 today in case someone doesn’t have a kit and wants to join the campaign for minimal cost.

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If I hadn’t literally just bought a new T-34 last Thursday I would jump on this. Been itching to try a Ryefield kit. They also have a Ryefield PzIV on sale as well. Sadly my march hobby money was spent on the t-34 :frowning_face:

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I very tempted to get another one just to have one.

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Just checked SB and there Pz. iiii is almost 50% off!

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Be sure and check RFM Pz IV H - instruction issues

Ezra, of course, I had to order one - hard to turn down a cheap RFM Pz IV. It can always be Chopped up and made into liquid sprue if it’s disappointing:)

@Tank_1812 Ryan, we think a like. Picking up a spare RFM T-34-85 too.

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Heh… good point I may buy a 24"x18" Tankraft cutting matt instead!

@Panzer_modeler Ezra,

In the words of Sir Archibald David Stirling of the SAS Who Dares Wins.

Go for it if you’re interested. With a copies of a reference like Achtung Panzer #3 Pz IV available it should be buildable with patience.

BTW - ~4 hours into the RFM kit. Very happy with it.


I’ve built Rye’s T34 and it’s a great kit.
Go for it!

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I couldn’t resist and pulled the trigger on it.


My first update: Suspension and hull tubs put together. The instructions would have you put everything onto the upper hull before you glue it onto the lower hull. Since I have not yet taken leave of my senses I opted to ignore that and put the upper and lower hull together.

So far the only difference in the kits is the rear plate. Factory 112 required removing some bolt heads and drilling some holes. For some reason the fit of the rear plate on 112 was not quite as good as 183. I have since gone back and corrected the gap.

The cast texture on the MG mount is not great. I will be knocking it down a lot during the next session.

I also cut off the fenders and replaced with PE on the Factory 112. All aftermarket PE will be on the Factory 112 vehicle.

Factory 112 is the green, Factory 183 is the grey.