T-34/85 campaign

Any kit, any scale, any type (gun (no small bore ie 76), arv or bunker) and any era are welcomed. Yes, even partially (less then 25% say) started. Thinking about running 1 March to 1 April in case your building the Miniart interior kit for example.

If y’all don’t like, it’s @Dan fault for the idea.



Would love to, just set a date

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1 Jul to 1 Jul.

As mentioned in the original thread, I am in :smiley:

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What the heck I’m in! I’ll probably do a T35/85 with rubber armor.


I’m in with RFM’s Soviet T-34/85 Chinese Volunteer "215", Rye Field Model RM-5059 (2020)
I’ve not done a campaign before-whats next?


I would have to read up on the rules, in the past needed 10 folks then wait til the start date of 1 July. I will create another thread before hand. You post a pic of the kit unstarted on 1 July. Then update the thread at minimum of 2 times with in progress and then some completion photos when done. That’s it.

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Super! Why 1 July?

Campaigns can start whenever but in this case I have signed up for 3-4 already so I don’t want too many on my plate at one time. Other folks have that same issue or need time to get a kit before hand.


Excellent reason to do a RFM T-34-85 #174!

If I can wrap the Forgotten Wars & Antique Antics builds by July 1, I’m in.

This 85% completed 1998 Shelf of Shame Special DML T-34-85 needs a twin to get me motivated to finish it. Melted the hull force curing the paint in 2012 under a high intensity light. Had done that without issue many times
Built a new hull a few months ago…lol



I have that one and the Airfix (Academy) kit. I keep thinking about getting another two Academy kits, the Berlin and another to make a ARV and bunker.

Those sound tasty!

There’s an old 1/25 Tamiya T-34-85 some where in the stash, I may have to dig that fossil out…wink.

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Okay, all, I’ve never done a campaign before. I saw the above prior rules; would those rules apply to this T-34/85 campaign? I’d like to participate, but I have a few questions. What about scales, out-of-the-box versus aftermarket, etc. Are there any limitations regarding these things, or is it as long as the final tank is some variation of a T-34/85, it can play? I already would be planning to add Fruil tracks to my RFM kit, and I have the RFM photo etch set for this kit. Is the objective just to finish by the end date? Is there any kind ‘judging’ to declare a ‘winner’, or is just completing your model the objective? Sorry for the stupidd questions, but I’d like to play!

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Yes, the rule posted would apply. The admin for campaign gets to make the rules best I can tell based on what the goal of the campaign is. So for this it is very open to include the most modelers possible. The admin set the timeline typically 6 months to one year depending on campaign. Since folks can build the Miniart interior kit so one year time frame. You can build any kind of kit as long as it’s a t-34/85. So the RFM Egyptian/Syrian guns would be ok. You can add as much or as little of aftermarket items you want to. The winners are anyone who finishes their kit. I think I hit them all but ask again if I missed one. Welcome aboard. No stupid questions if you have never been in a campaign before.

I’m doing a T-34 interior kit for the miniart campaign already.

I have a regular T-34 (76) that I would do if you made it just a T-34 campaign. I’m not sure I’ll be up for another /85 this year…

I have thought about making it a t-34 campaign though it started with a thread about 85’s. I am open if the other folks are.

I’d like to see that old timer.

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Sure, I will jump in. I have the Academy 1/35 T-34/85 with bedspring armour and some PE.

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I agree with Dan, that would be something to see.

Speaking of Big T, I saw they plan a 1/35 RC 34/85 and 1/48 34/85 this year.

So lots of options.

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