T-34/85s - How many will we get?

Wow, talk about an embarrassment of riches! I made the (apparent) mistake of buying the Italeri T-34/85 with interior, based on the build review/blog in the Modeling News, which was, frankly, pretty good! Then came the RFM version, which I also got…and now, the MiniArt T-34/85 1944 with interior! When will the T-34/85s stop, and which one is going to be THE best of the bunch? I’ve read better things about the RFM model than about the Italeri, which, again, I got, along with their photo etch addition, plus I got the Fruil metal tracks, which I always prefer, no matter how good the plastic tracks may be. I’ll be truly interested in how the MiniArt kit will compare to the RFM in terms of accuracy and engineering, to see if I need to get THAT one, too, and then part with the Italeri and RFM kits. I’m inclined to keep the RFM, regardless of how good the MiniArt may be, though, as it sounds good, and looks great in the box. Any thoughts based on the MiniArt CAD drawings?

If Miniart does what they did with the T-54/55 family, they eventually will have kits of all the different variations…and there are a ton. I have their Czech interior kit and it has a TON of sprues.

Alright, take it easy Curt. We may have to have an intervention if you keep buying so many multiples of a vehicle. You know it’s for your own good. If we don’t interveine you could end up like Robin, a man and his overwhelming stash. :sunglasses:

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If Curt keeps buying, will he feature in the Janes database of world armies? :grin:


Hmmmm…what must we do? I think the solution is that multiple manufacturers need to make fewer versions…then I don’t HAVE to buy 'em! :blush: The good news, for my wallet, anyway, is that I only bought the first 2…i have not yet succumbed to the MiniArt version…yet!

Crap…if I end up in Jane’s database, then that means I need to start buying ship models, too, the one military model type I have yet to delve into. PLEASE, DON’T MAKE ME GO THERE!! I’m just about to begin my adventure into jet aircraft (Tamiya 1/48 F-16C/N). I’ve been building WWII propellor airplanes for the last few years, taking a break from armor for a bit. I just finished a 1/48 Tamiya IL-2 Sturmovik, and after 10 or so WWII era props, it’s time for the jets!

Curt, Mengs F18-E will be available next month in 1/48th scale. Tamiya is also releasing an F4 Phantom in 1/ 48th.

Hey Curt, T-34’s are like Shermans, you can’t have enough of them! I’ve just built the RFM 174 T-34/85 and a Miniart Egyptian T-34/85 ( without interior). I like the RFM kit a lot better. Fit, detail and ease of build are better. I admit I don’t like Miniart kits in general, but I’ve always wanted a Czech production tank and the Miniart is the first in plastic so I made an exception. Now if you want a full interior, Miniart obviously is the way to go and their kit is nicer than the AFV Club version. RFM has released their second T-34/85, a Factory 183 product. Hopefully they will do more versions. The Miniart looks fine when complete and they captured the Egyptian details nicely, but it wasn’t as fun a ride as the RFM kit. :grinning… :smile:

Hi Kevin, thanks for the T-34 encouragement! I’m scared to admit how many M1 Abrams kits I have still in their boxes, not to mention the number I’ve already built! So I’m absolutely in touch with multiple kits of the same or similar vehicles. I’ve been happy with other RFM kits, too, and I’m sure the T-34 will be great…thank you for confirming that as a result of your actual build experience!

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AFV Club, while not as good as the other, is way easier to assemble because of less parts count while still retaining the level of detail. In fact, the box is half as thick as other companies. The tracks is literal trash by all standard, but hey, it has in-box metal barrel!

Miniart is not only more detailed, they have so many options and options in each kit.

AFV Club and easier it not something people put in the same sentence a lot.

@cabasner, I don’t see the Academy/Airfix version listed. :joy:

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Sounds like a group T34-85 build is in order.

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That’s so crazy it might actually work.

If someone gets it started, I would likely join with an AFV Club kit.

I will join as well. Have still to decide on the kit I might build.

This is all @Dan fault, proposed campaign.

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I would be in with an Academy T-34/76 747®, later part of the year would be preferred ::hugs:

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