T-34/85s - How many will we get?

Hey Curt, T-34’s are like Shermans, you can’t have enough of them! I’ve just built the RFM 174 T-34/85 and a Miniart Egyptian T-34/85 ( without interior). I like the RFM kit a lot better. Fit, detail and ease of build are better. I admit I don’t like Miniart kits in general, but I’ve always wanted a Czech production tank and the Miniart is the first in plastic so I made an exception. Now if you want a full interior, Miniart obviously is the way to go and their kit is nicer than the AFV Club version. RFM has released their second T-34/85, a Factory 183 product. Hopefully they will do more versions. The Miniart looks fine when complete and they captured the Egyptian details nicely, but it wasn’t as fun a ride as the RFM kit. :grinning… :smile: