T-34 Reference

Reference for the T-34/76 and 85 detail and history, precisely the Soviet Union variants. Credit to the links’ authors.

A visual collection of many monument vehicles around Europe, including some Polish made T-34/85. Wrote in Russian.
T-34/85: T-34-85
T-34/76: Т-34-76
From the http://legion-afv.narod.ru author’s forums post, A Russian forums with many interesting information about the T-34. Recommend to use google translate to ease the reading.
Т-34 - вопросы и ответы

I personally recommend to read the Russian Wikipedia pages for the T-34, they have many notable insights and information that don’t appear in the English version, including numerous pictures. Each page is at least twice as long as the English, which has both vehicle in one page, and extremely resourceful reference links.
T-34: Т-34 — Википедия
T-34/85: Т-34-85 — Википедия

Some overall information and camouflage scheme for the T-34 and variants. Beware that sometimes artists use some creation liberty in their drawings, which may not be historical.
T-34: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/soviet/soviet_T34-76.php
T-34/85: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/soviet/soviet_T34-85

Missing-Lynx, a well known site for new and even advanced modellers, a small article about the T-34/85 with some very helpful visual drawing guide to identify the T-34/85 turrets.


Scalemates search tool on T-34 and T-34/85 kit productions:

To use Google translate on a whole page in case you don’t use Google Chrome

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Another excellent source of information:

It’s in Russian, Google translator will be of help.


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Another excellent source of information:

It’s in Russian, Google translator will be of help.


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